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Majo No Ie - The Witch's House: Ellen, The Witch

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The Witch's House (魔女の家 - Majo No Ie) cosplay

Harmony/myself as Ellen

Thank you peppanda-photo for the stunning photography.

PLEASE DON'T REPOST ANYWHERE WITHOUT ASKING FIRST :( (Including on Tumblr - reblog it instead!) Thank you!

I love this game so much! Played it twice with friends so far and I'd still play it again. It's surprisingly scary for a game of its style ~ also I think I'm starting to get pretty addicted to cosplaying creepy antagonists in general. (Fun fact: I had to chest-bind for this cosplay LOL. First time I've ever had to bind for a female character, but oh well, she's like 13 or something XD). All in all, this was a relatively simple cosplay for me to put together.

Special thanks goes to fengsong for lending me the blouse for this cosplay plus the teddy bear for these photos, and for being my Viola.

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:butterfly: Daily Deviation Update, Jan 22 2014: :butterfly: Thank you so much for the Daily Deviation, and for all your support. It is an absolute privilege! ;__;

More shots from The Witch's House shoot:
Majo No Ie - The Witch's House: Right, Viola? by silverharmony Majo No Ie - The Witch's House: Come To My Room by silverharmony Majo No Ie - The Witch's House: Ellen's Chase by silverharmony Majo No Ie: give.. it... back by fengsong Majo No Ie: a strange house. by fengsong Majo No Ie: cut the bear's limbs? by fengsong
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Thank you kindly! :D
BurittaKittyNeko's avatar
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I hope to someday be on a level of cosplay as you. You are inspiring :)
silverharmony's avatar
That's such an incredibly sweet thing of you to say!! Good luck on all your future cosplays!! :D

Thanks for the watch too, I hope my future work won't be a disappointment!! >///<
sweatergirl1337's avatar
Thank you! And I'm sure yours won't :)
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dove hai comprato tutta quella roba? e quanto ti è costata?
silverharmony's avatar
Mi dispiace, non parlo italiano :(
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Where did you buy your beautiful wig? Love your cosplay! ^^
silverharmony's avatar
Thank you! I just bought it online.
Sachiko-Kishinuma's avatar
Oh okey, thanks anyway! c:
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The January, 2014 Cosplay Daily Deviation Round-Up has been released, and you can find your spectacular work here! :D
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Thank you kindly once again! :heart:
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
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Thank you so much!! :heart:
Angie-Pictures's avatar
It's my pleasure! :)
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Wow, how beautiful~~<3<3 I loved that game but they need to make a sequel for vengeance! ><
silverharmony's avatar
Thank you!

Haha I actually quite liked the tragic ending? I don't mean that I was happy, because the ending made me really sad, but I mean that it was an incredibly dramatic and intelligent plot twist that made me go "wow! I wasn't expecting that at all!". I thought it was very clever so a sequel might dampen the effect xD but I definitely would love to see what other games Fummy makes in the future! :)
therealAmia-chan's avatar
Oh no, I totally agree, I just wish there was another alternate ending option. xD I get annoyed when games have just a half-hearted bittersweet ending. It's nothing against the game itself, I just hate when no matter what you do despite having so called "choices" that everything you did really didn't make much difference if any in the end. One of my favourite ever games from back in my kid days was a PlayStation game called Legend Of Dragoon. I adore that game even still, but it was full of questions you could answer differently, things you could do differently, yet no matter what you did, it didn't matter in the end.
silverharmony's avatar
Well, technically there was another ending though, right? (Even though I've never played that route because I prefer playing to get true endings). I think if you don't collect Ellen's knife at the end you get the ending where Viola walks away from the house unscathed, so the body switch was never implied and you can remain blissfully ignorant. Viola goes home with her dad and all is well and happy. If you want to not feel sad you could always just pick that one. If that's what you mean by having "another alternative ending option". You can just pretend that's how it ends, because that ending IS an option.

Anyway, as I said, I love the tragic ending so I'm content enough with it. It's amazingly powerful and clever even though it's sad. XD
therealAmia-chan's avatar
lol No, I agree with you and I do like the true ending, it's just I got the true ending first and it kinda spoiled the spirit of the ending where you don't find out. It's really awesome, it just makes me feel bad that either way the true Viola suffers in vain. I kinda relate to her, so maybe that's why. I mean, being the kind, naïve girl that just wants to help her friend only to get screwed over in the end makes me feel bad for her. ^^;
silverharmony's avatar
Haha yeah, I do know what you mean, I more meant that the other ending can be a source of consolation if you would rather not think of the true ending :)

Sorry to hear that you've had a less-than-pleasant similar personal experience though.
therealAmia-chan's avatar
lol I see.

Ah, don't worry about it. I'd rather be kind than self obsessed and greedy. Besides, if I DO get mad....well, suffice to say that people think twice about messing with me again. :rofl:
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wow nice cosplay )
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