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By silvergrey
Photographer, model, etc etc: Me

**Edit: Apparently I need more of a comment here describing what this set is about. There never was a concept articulated for this- only an aura of fey sensuality that I hoped to convey at a near subconscious level, a theme to be tasted like ephemeral perfume rather than an intellectually clever idea that appeals to the same area of the mind that crosswords do. Something uncanny yet alluring.
I don't think this is my 'best' work, but I do think it still has merit if you try to experience rather than analyze.

Go listen to "Fields Of The Nephilim" to get in the right mood ;)
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Apr 1, 2008, 11:36:58 AM
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ENG: Hi! due to some problems with the amount of work in the feature, I had to do an article to promote the 150 selected Works. As I have said earlier, this work is part of this collection, you can find in my journal and this article [link]

PT: Oi! devido a uns problemas com a quantidade de trabalhos no feature, tive de fazer um artigo para promover os 150 trabalhos que selecionei. Como anteriormente já o disse, este trabalho faz parte dessa coleção, que podes encontrar no meu journal e neste artigo [link]

FR: Salut! à cause de quelques problèmes avec la quantité de travail dans la fonction, je devais faire un article pour promouvoir les 150 tâches sélectionnées. Comme je l'ai dit plus tôt, ce travail fait partie de cette collection, vous pouvez trouver dans mon journal et cela [link] l'article

ES: ¡Hola! debido a algunos problemas con la cantidad de trabajo en la película, que tenía que hacer un artículo para promover los 150 trabajos seleccionados. Como he dicho antes, este trabajo es parte de esta colección, se pueden encontrar en mi diario y este artículo [link]
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Hi! I'm going to feature this work in my journal :)
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good job inspired by good music so you inform by artists comments............very well done, respect and gratulations for that talent that you show in many works.......have fun, ciao
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Great song, great band.... BEAUTY FULL GIRL!
A made in heaven combo!
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Great song, great band.... BEAUTY FULL GIRL!
A made in heaven combo!
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Total fav. Actually - if you could put the "Music Mood" thing on others, I found it really helpful lol

Very seductive
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Great poses...I love how the focus is on your hand in the right side shot.
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the soft focus and composition of this is just wonderful congrats on the DD
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Beautiful Style :D
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Amazing work I think this is one of my favorites!!!
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Fields Of The Nephilim, by who?
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I do love the perspective! Keep up the good work!
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O_O. You look incredible here! I mean, You ARE incredible! I just wanna hug you.. But that would be rude... and inappropriate. Put some clothes on so i can hug you damnit =p. You've got really nice curves.
Oh, the photograph... Yeah, its nice... but you're really pretty o.o.... hehe XD
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congrats on the DD .... Well Earned ..
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Congratulations on the DD, pet. <3 again, i think this is a gorgeous photo.
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great work:) interesting how well you can do self portraits:)
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cool shots! gorgeous girl!
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this is really good... its sexy, its alluring... honestly, if this were an ad for that scarf youre wearing id want to buy the scarf.

btw, i think the left photo is a bit ahead of its time in terms of focus and your position and what not... i can totally see that type of pose and shot being used in a few years from now from like high end fashion and lingerie brands... but thats just me. the one on the right reminds me of current fashion photos...

both are excellent though, especially together.
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