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Wip Arya Vest

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Just so.. ;D
I made a work in progress/tutorial for my Arya vest
It's just how I made it and of course there may be better ways.. so if you have some ideas, tell me and I will update them here for other users ;D
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Hello, lovely tutorial. The jerkin/doublet vest for Arya is one of the hardest things to sort for the cosplay, and I was wondering, what fabric do you use for the outline that goes around the striped pieces? I mean, I know for the jerkin vest I can use webbing fabric, but I was wondering what fabric I can use as the outline? On her outfit, it's in white, but you've put brown. That's what I meant by outline. I'm sure you knew that just in case XD. So what do you use for the outline? I'm going to ask my aunt to replicate ARYAS vest, as I'm no good at sewing XD. Lovely work on the jerkin you've made.
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Hey, sorry for the late reply :/
at first: thanks you for the compliments :)
In my version I used faux leather - and I used brown because I thought I will make it scruffier and on leather the dirt son't stay ^^
But I think every material will be ok for this outline, because the outline-part is so "thin" the material will get thicker when you sew it down (because you take it "double" so the fabric don't ladder)
I'm sorry if anything is unclear because of my explanation - don't hesitate to ask me again what I meant (maybe I will make photos to show what I mean XD)

sorry again for the late reply and I hope I could help :)
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thanx, great tutorial :) 
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you're welcome! :D
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Awesome tutorial!
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