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Infinite Lights by yuumei Infinite Lights :iconyuumei:yuumei 4,052 78 Hawaiian Wedding by mistermadigan Hawaiian Wedding :iconmistermadigan:mistermadigan 44 4 Curling Up With A Good Book by SelenaEde Curling Up With A Good Book :iconselenaede:SelenaEde 131 40
Stephen Strange x Reader | Boiling Water
Doctor Strange x Female Reader
3rd Person Point of View
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Avenger’s Tower – a place of dreams for some, to those looking upon its heroes with ardent wonders and joy. A beacon of hope and protection, housing the world’s best and most capable. People would do almost anything to spend a few minutes in its halls on the odd chance that they’d glimpse a mighty warrior. Avenger’s Tower was not that place for (Name). As she ran down the many halls of the building, she tried to clear her mind and think clearly and effectively. Tony Stark – her boss lumped all of his work on her shoulders so that he could go out and test another suit prototype.
“I believe in you, (Name)! You’re one of the best we have!” He had said.
Placing a pile of fan mail on Tony’s desk (Name) turned to her satchel to see who was next
:iconkibaroark:KibaRoark 52 11
No thorns (Ororo Munroe and Kurt Wagner) by KorNaXon No thorns (Ororo Munroe and Kurt Wagner) :iconkornaxon:KorNaXon 43 23 Spirited Away by larienne Spirited Away :iconlarienne:larienne 3,995 140 {BnHA} Royalty by OoPunkmunkoO {BnHA} Royalty :iconoopunkmunkoo:OoPunkmunkoO 18 14 Lilo and Stitch by larienne Lilo and Stitch :iconlarienne:larienne 3,992 141 Sunset clouds by Ellysiumn Sunset clouds :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,517 84 College_Ladies (Read_Description) by SereenaG College_Ladies (Read_Description) :iconsereenag:SereenaG 43 17 Aki Sisters (Read Description) by SereenaG Aki Sisters (Read Description) :iconsereenag:SereenaG 39 21 Airbrushed Childhood by LittleTiger488 Airbrushed Childhood :iconlittletiger488:LittleTiger488 204 30 Late Night Movie Marathon by LittleTiger488 Late Night Movie Marathon :iconlittletiger488:LittleTiger488 401 58 KH II- Hero's Homecoming by Icequeenkitty KH II- Hero's Homecoming :iconicequeenkitty:Icequeenkitty 275 106 Goof Troop Collage by colodgeartist Goof Troop Collage :iconcolodgeartist:colodgeartist 91 5 1001 Animation - An Extremely Goofy Movie by FireMaster92 1001 Animation - An Extremely Goofy Movie :iconfiremaster92:FireMaster92 35 3



Apprentice (The Arcana)
This is my Apprentice for the game The Arcana A Mystical Romance. since I'm not the best drawer but wanted to share her, I used one of the dress up games on rinmarugames to make her. I also posted her on The Arcana facebook page. At the moment (though it will probably stay that way), her name is Sarah. her favorite meal is beef stew, her favorite drink is ice tea, and her favorite flower is a joseph's coat rose. And she's a Scorpio. Her hobbies are reading and staring at the clouds. she is in a relationship with Julian. That's all I have right now. Let me know what you think. :)

Name- Sarah
Age- 22
Hair Color- blonde
Eye Color- blue
Current Job- Neighborhood Detective
Position Requesting- Special Agent
Why are you requesting this position?- I love my job now, but I want to do more. Being a Special Agent will let me help people all over, which is what I want to do.
My Sima Agents Story: Job Application
I'm gonna try this again. I did post this once, but ended up deleting it. As the title says, I'm writing a My Sims Agents story. So you know now, the characters will have eye colors, some characters from other My Sims games will be added in, and there will be shipping. I apologize in advance if the story isn't that good. I'll try and get chapter one up soon. That's about all for this.

My Sims games and characters belong to- EA Games
Sarah (my OC) belongs to- me
Stein and OC
I think the only reason this looks good is because the base was easy. It's still a good base though. :) Anyway, this is Professor Franken Stein and my second generation OC. In the manga, you learn in the last chapter that Marie and Stein are having a baby together. So, I decided to make their child. :) She looks a lot like her father, but she has her mother's skin tone and eyes. She wears her hair in a side bun, which I tried to do in the picture. I think I kinda failed with that. But this is her when she's still pretty young, hugging her dad because he just got home from work. I should probably mention that her name is Olivia Stein and she's a weapon. This base was made by InuHanyou01. Here's the link to it;… I have other second generation OCs too, but this is the only one I'm doing for now. I hope you like it. :)

Franken Stein and Soul Eater belong to Atsushi Okubo
The base, like I said, belongs to InuHanyou01
Olivia Stein belongs to me
Even though nobody's commented on my previous journal talking about my Fairy Tail OCs, I enjoyed sharing them, and I wanna do that again with more of them. :) So, like the title says, this is an OC for Ouran Highschool Host Club and is a second generation one. Her name is Etsuyo Elaine de Grantaine Suoh, more commonly known as Etsuyo Elaine Suoh or just simply Etsuyo. She's Tamaki and Haruhi's daughter, but I'm sure that's obvious for anyone who has seen and/or read Ouran. She mostly looks like her mom, but she has violet eyes and dark blonde hair. But, if you go by the manga where Tamaki has light brown hair and blue eyes, Etsuyo has blue eyes and medium brown hair. Anyway, she also inherited a fear of thunder from her mother. Being an only child, she'll need to take over Suoh Enterprises and become Chairman of Ouran Academy one day. However, she doesn't want this, but won't say anything about it (unintentional similarity between Etsuyo and Kiara from The Lion King 2). Etsuyo doesn't have any friends her age because the children of the other Host Club members are all a bit younger than her, and the only reason anyone her age wants to be her friend is because she's the Chairman's daughter. She knows this because she's good at reading people. So, basically she's just trying to fit in as best she can. Now onto more about her. Etsuyo, a Japanese name, means winter and Elaine, a French name, means sun. When first introduced, she's a new born. It goes on with her as a baby for a little, then to a 6 year old, then to a 12 year old, and stops at 16. Baby hairstyle is a ponytail on top of her head, 6 year old hairstyle is pigtails, 12 year old hairstyle is a ponytail, and as a 16 year old her hair is just worn down. She loves reading, painting, taking walks and stargazing and can be very flamboyant like her father. She's also very smart and the top of her class. She's 4 feet 12 inches. Her birthday is July 1st, and her astrological sign is Cancer. The reason she has a name that means winter sun is because Tamaki and Haruhi found out they were gonna have her on a sunny day in winter. She's very close to her parents and grandparents, as well as all her parents' friends. That's about it. If I think of more I'll probably have to leave it as a comment. Also, the first E in Elaine is supposed to have an accent over it but I don't know how to do that. And sorry if the ages and hairstyles for each age were completely irrelevant, I just wanted to add them. I hope people like Etsuyo Elaine. :)


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