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I first off want to say.

Sorry for the Art Hiatus... I feel that I don't post art as much as I suppose to... I feel that since I'm in college with 5 classes; I don't have much motivation on posting art here than I had with 4 classes. I'm afraid that the new semester is going to be harder for me, because it might be a possibility of me getting a job; Therefore, Idk how it would turn out. Because I focus so much on college, it's hard for me to be motivated with art. I will try to post something though. Speaking of college, I have finals coming up... I'm sure that I'll be done on the 9th of December.

Here are some bad news that I'm currently dealing with. I have no power whatsoever at home until Monday. This really upsets because Thanksgiving is coming up and we have no power to even cook... Right now I'm at my college library using their WiFi. But Idk how Thanksgiving will turn out though, but I'm just waiting for this year to be done...

I know... to much misery, but now I want to get to the good stuff. Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3]

I heard about the new super smash bros. game. I WILL GET IT... before new years... I better Kirby Eager Emoticon
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Submitted on
November 26, 2014