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Wolfy portrait tutorial 2

A very brief tutorial for [link]
I hope you understand my poorly written English ^^;
Feel free to ask me anything regarding this tutorial!

Part 1:
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Hey Silver, I know this is a little old, but a question. How well would this coloring technique work if I use it on a graphite and charcoal scanned sketch? 
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Oh wow, that's really neat, thank you!
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Updated Fur tutorial?
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Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing :)
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Sepia is so cute! :3
Ivyel's avatar
Great tutorial! as your whole gallery!
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ThatMarsupicat's avatar
I'm so confused... when did you take out the sketching layer? D:
IceChumbORIGINAL's avatar
its so beautiful!!!! well i dont have Photoshop CS2 y have Photoshop CS6
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Hey-oh :3 I have a question :D (Sorry if you mentioned it before already!!) What do you use to make the picture? (What Program are you using) What's you digital art program.
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Is it freely downloadable?
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no unless u torrent :P which is not recomendded
memeru21's avatar
Darn XD well thank you for your help and the fast replys! :D I will wait till I'm older to get it then! I hope your life is heart warming and sweet for the rest of it <3
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Photoshop CS2 is free since a few weeks :)you can download it on the official adobe website.
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Send me a link? :DDDDDDDD *Can't find the download anywhere*
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Just click on the "Photoshop CS 2" link. You have to choose between the Mac and the Windows Version.
It's free.
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I tried the tutorial, but every time step 7 fails. How do you make it look like fur? Yours seems so soft, and I just don't understand how you do that step exactly! please tell me? :meow:
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This is awesome dude! :D
I can't believe I didn't know that my photoshop can do that :P

I's SO gonna try this out, thanks a lot for sharing this! (:
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What a nice piece!
Bluepoppiesfield's avatar
I will try your method. Thanks for sharing !
RaiaIzNeko's avatar
Is there a tutorial for mouse not tablet?
vengeofthestars's avatar
same method whether your using a mouse or not
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This may be the solution to my problems; I'll give it a try as soon as I can, thank you so much.
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