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Tundra Fizz

Another League of Legends fan art featuring Fizz and his little orca :)
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This is adorable!
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Aww so cute! :D I love it :3
Wheelz4speed's avatar
I love all your League of Legend's fan arts along with rest of your cute and fluffy critters :3 You're amazing!!!!
TammiDev's avatar
Omigosh, orca in a bag!!!!!
WyvernNE's avatar
Wow it's very cute!
Hello! Nice draw, can I use it on my twitch channel? Thanks!
fauxnee's avatar
This would be a great skin to own. :stare:
Sundyko's avatar
This would be awesome skin to have "Baby fizz" xD
electronomicon's avatar
FlameBrainer's avatar
love Fizz!
MarinaManky's avatar
I fall in love with your art, it's awesome!
KodaSilverwing's avatar
You did my favorite champion in my favorite skin. I officially love you <3
Shikogo's avatar
Mine too! I'm so glad he started playing League of Legends, haha
Thekawaiiod's avatar
shut up this is too much cute
Journey-Fox's avatar
i dont play LOL, but this looks really well done. :)
ShuuTheAzurePhoenix's avatar
daim well done :D fizz op ! xD
Supersawson's avatar
this look like a super cute neopet eeek!!!
Zirion-Goatz's avatar
omg, I just bought the Tundra Fizz skin, and then you upload this! What a coincidence!
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So adorable, not mentioning this is my favorite Fizz skin in the game. XD
J-JKit's avatar
you artwork comes out so adorables ^/////^ *giggles*
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