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Finished the last headshot earlier today, here's a compilation of animal heads beheaded by me.
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So violent description LOL
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Cuteness Overload!
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So much cuteness in one pic. this one deserves a DD
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:noes: i wish i could draw this good!

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I wanna have some keychains or something out of some of these! <3
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Number eleven will make me die.
where is your commission info?
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The first one is so cute! ^ ^
foxwizard916's avatar
i lubs dem allz!! dey makinz me type wiered. great work on all of them.
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these little things would make great stickers
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OOoh my goodness. The cuteness of them all.
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These are all beautiful <33

I was just wondering if there was a close up pic for the first one on the 4th row? :3
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wow excellent work on them all =3
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All the adorable faces. I want to squeeze them all~!!
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impressive spread :D but...the tallest right ears in the fourth row seem unappreciated with that unusual cut :iconimsorryplz:
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Behead some more! :la:
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They are all so cute, I like your art style so much ^^
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heads beheaded xD
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you must be proud of all of your accomplishments, great work :D
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