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Actually not Jeff.
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It's a Sharggo!


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or do a turtle

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can you make a plush panda. Plz

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This is the best thing I’ve seen all month. Loookk att ’imm! So cute

I am so confused...

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I want it

I wanna keep them as a pet

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Super cute ;3
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now this is the definition of adorable my cranky crew

Omg that's so cute!!! Way better than my art, I just started practicing so I can become a webtoon

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Wow foxes got replaced. :D

He is quite a cutie with very large teeth.

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So... a Dog-Shark?

That'd be a Shag then. Or a Dork.

Wait, forget the last one, that's stupid.

A Landshark? A DnD Monster is translated to Landhai in German. Maybe it's one of them? A baby bulette?

Anyway, whatever it is, it's way too cute!!!

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but what if it was Steve? Spinning Thinking Emoji

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i have no idea what tis is but i love it

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Idk what this is but its bloody adorable!! 😍
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reminds me of a pug

shark pug

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awwe this is soooo cute ;u; I would totally have this creature as a pet xD

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cute and funny looking piece of art thanls for sharing!Cute!

adorably cute and deadly

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