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"Rawrr Imma eatchuuu!"
Boredom killer.
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awwwww,so angry sweet face :D
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this is the most extraordinary thing that humans have ever done
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Any one else thinking he's making the "mya" noise.
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daaawwww hesh sho kyyyuute!!!
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He looks like he's only 2 inches tall. I bet he'd pop if you poked him with a needle...
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love this image. hope you don't mind....
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"I will slam your shit"
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This is terrifying and wonderful xD
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Lol, he looks like he would squeak by squeezing him! :D
This is seriously the most adorable little killer shark I've ever seen ._. I wanna poke it on the nose *snaps at my fingers* Aww here's a fishie! Here's a fishie for the wittle cutie! 

I almost wouldn't care about losing my fingers XD
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The noise I just made
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ok this shark is way too friggin' cute. Had to fave.
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Omfg, this is the best thing ever. EVER.
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i this looks sooooooo adorable..i wanna hug him
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Goddammit... This is just awesome.
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sweetest shark i've ever seen :D
love this pic...
he is trying to look angry but it ended up in one of the cutest pic's for a long time^^
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