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Chibified version of Rengar from LoL. Quarter the size but 100% deadly!
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great masterpiece
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es la cosa mas tierna y malvada que he visto hasta ahorita
KrazyGal101's avatar
even nb3 used it
SuperFluffyKoalaBear's avatar
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Amazing job, I love it Love 
OkamiUnega's avatar
I wish this was a print for a shirt, my boyfriend would love it 
DuneTheZangoose's avatar
WOW this is sublime XD and pretty cute to boot :)
Arashiwildcat's avatar
Aww such an adorably deadly chino! That face is so cute
Tenesium's avatar
Yordles take over
TatyanaAina's avatar
Oh my God, this is so cute !
FANGxtami's avatar
So cyute yet scary at the same time xD
Deylian's avatar
excellent work I like the details
Vulpes94's avatar
This reflection in eyes! Absolutely amazing!
alb1009's avatar
Ah! so great !
One of best arts of Rengar I have ever seen. Good job dude!
Voltna's avatar
The moment you realize. LoL (league of legends) lol
i loving it! SO CUTE great details.
heyfrays's avatar
I want to pet him and then he will rip my face off
ashyloveswarriors18's avatar
okay this is nice, hey zaden come here! come look at this! *little kid screams and runs off* lolz pay back! 
Oh, and I wanted to ask :) Could we also see some cute Rengar x Nidalee from you? <3 Maybe Nidalee holding cute Rengar? <3
Fyrebeam's avatar
This is not only unreasonably adorable, but extremely well rendered!
HollyEP702's avatar
Friggin love this! It makes me squeal with joy every single time I see it. Love it. 
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RIP: Poor guy who got entangled with this chap 8D :iconrainbowheartplz: Hehe, lovely job <33333
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