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Guess who's my new favorite character from AC?
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Hello, i would just like to let you know that this image is a giant meme that has been going on for months in my discord server, we call it "RTX Raymond"

We also kinda imply hes some type of evil omnipotent god that wants to destroy the universe

And now this is the first image that pops up when you search rtx raymond. godspeed, my shitpost

Raymond! My favorite! And he is so cute! Such an amazing job as always.

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Look at his little paws and big ears. He's like a munchkin fennec fox in a cat-suit. X3

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he looks like an angora kitten!!!

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It seems that the animal crossing version of me is very fluffy and cute😁.
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your art is amazing!!!!

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this is really well done. great jobLlama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] i love it

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its my wallpaper 👊

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Awe thats adorable!
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Very cute and very dapper! <3
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Good morning, Very Nice!!!!!!. 
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Isn't he adorable and classy? Heart 
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Me ?

Very cute work.
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He probably would look better in a maid dress though.
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He a smol business man
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Love the art, including the toe beans!
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