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Lil Sobek

Lil Sobek, third character for my Egyptian God series.
Full process video can be viewed here: [link]
Vote for this design here: [link]
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Nice pic of the God of the Nile! Ancient Egyptian Religion and crocodiles rock! I like the Ankh, crown, and Li'l Sobek's contented little smile. 
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how much would it be to ask for an anuket one of these?
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All of these are so well done. The shading on them is excellent, and they look 3D where most chibi-type drawings look flat.
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These are wonderful! :)
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This'd make a rad sticker - ever consider printing any?
(Also, Sobek is seriously my favorite egyptian god - this is great!)
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I'd sold my soul just to give him a single hug. So adorable. ^w^ :aww:
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cccute and now im death paf I think I've fainted. 
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So cute! Want to embroider him on something now! <3
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aww its so cute!
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Sobek: The god of rivers, warfare, and fertility.

Lil Sobek: The god of streams, skirmishes, and, uh, sex ed.

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I *love* this series!! Just voted for all of them on PatchTogether -- would love to buy the series as toys (to add to my enormous Egyptian display of toys and statuary, hehe!) :D
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awwww so freakin cute
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This is too adorable. I love all the detail you put into the drawing.
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Those lil teeth omg I can't :iconsoadorableplz:
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