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Lil Con Fox

"Oops wrong guess, better luck next time I guess." Fan art of Nick Wilde from Zootopia as a lil con fox.
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its sooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

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Young Nick getting ready for adulthood.
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"I made 200 bucks a day, fulff! 365 days a year, since I was 12."

He actually looks 10 to me.
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Very cute! I love Nick! He is my favorite all time fox from a film!!!!!:)
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You don't have this in your Zootopia folder . . .
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I love it.😍
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Llama Emoji-78 (Clapping) [V4] llama approves
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The highest praise is for a llama of approval, seals can suck it
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Awww... very cute!
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This is adorable and heartbreaking at the same time.
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lol is so cute!!!! your drawings are the best!!!!! thanks to nick and judy i love this!!!! lol
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lol he has the money he earned
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AHHHG! this piece of work is great! Great cute detail and all!
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If extreme levels of cuteness could kill, Nick would be a mass murderer by now.
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Can I just adopt Nick?? The cuteness is too much!
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Super cute! Love it! Heart  Nick's eyes and facial expression are just too much! Love 
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Wait, did they already have info on Kid Nick at the time you drew this???
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"So, what made you stop?
"I shot up a foot and my voice cracked."
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Funny in a way you've done that before the movie has released in the states as Nick said he's conning at the age of 12.
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That aint no twelve year old fox...
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Just take all of my money, you little cutie!!!!!!!!!
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