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Lil Anubis

Inspired by the anubis pen my sis bought me as a gift from Universal Studio Singapore.
Vote to make this into a toy!
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someone used your art as a cover for his/her story without your permission.…
LordTrash's avatar This user is re-uploading as their own work. I thought you should know of this  
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Reported, thanks for notifying me!
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He'd look even cuter if he was sucking his thumb.
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how cuuuuuuuute!!!
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Cute lil mythical baby~!
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...if you had little figurines/statues made of these and sold them? Money.
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Al this "Lil" God pictures are just too cute!
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Where Is Sekhmet?>_<
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What an amazing gallery you have. Lil Anubis looks very adorable. Well done.
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How do you do it?.
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Anubis, the cutest Egyptian God of Death ever
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He can rule over with his adorable looks.
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Меня вдохновили ваши работы...…   Я просто оставлю это тут. =)
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Dendo aww fluffy , im gonna die ,Inpo 
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aww so puffy so die >.<
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love all these lil guys especially anubis
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