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Ice Cream Thieves

Beware of the ice cream thieves! Commission for Xuan and Nuno.
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This drawing is so cute & well made :3
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Ok. How.
Seriously! This is probably the most impressive art work I ever seen on DeviantArt in my life! I honestly though this was a 3D picture!
Everything on this drawing is just perfect. You definitely deserve way more watchers. Judging by the quality of the art work, this is extremely underrated.
Lucario-Emblem's avatar
As if I had enough cuteness in my life, I find more
zeropainter's avatar
they are so cute :*
IceCreamSandwichFox's avatar
thats so good and ice cream is yummy :love:
23butterfingergamer's avatar
i have don that once or twice
DeDogg's avatar
somewhat relatable?
LB725C's avatar
Hah, are those star-shaped pupils?
SkyKristal's avatar
woah! I really REALLY like your art :3
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This picture you've done featuring these characters in such a setting looks very nice and cute for sure, man. :D
drhobo1987's avatar
reminds me of sonic, tails and knuckles respectively
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Cute, cute, cute! When I'm financially sound, this is the kind of scene I'd want to commission with Pakk!
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I heard Ben and Jerry's ice cream is bomb! You should go try it!The Ice Cream 
nintendewott's avatar
The ice cream trucks might go out of business if this keeps ups!
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Adorably cute and sweet. ^^
Jest-a-Note's avatar
That one's gonna have a major case of brain freeze in a bit.
That being said if he eats the whole thing while its in his mouth.
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NickTheNightOwl's avatar
Don't steal my ice cream!
DeckardCanine's avatar
A starry-eyed youth.
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