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I am Fire, I am Dead?

Old artwork from my last artbook.
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I love this drawing! is so cute! <3

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Does he really deserve that halo though? XD Maybe when he was a we babi he wasn't such a psychopath...but mind you i love that in his personality! 
OMG he is so adorable!
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i love this so much i cant describe it x) Smaug bby ;v; your art is amazing! your style! your colouring! everything!! *^* 
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Never seen Smaug look do adorable! Love the addition of the halo :)
i'm in so much trouble. heh
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That's by far the cutest Dragon of all time. Give me 10 of these baby smaugs please , I'd cuddle them 24/7 .
PapierowySzczur's avatar
The tittle is hilarious. I love it.
OfTheWilds's avatar
Awwww! Poor adorable dead Smaug! So cute! Love the little halo.
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Awww that is the most cute Smaug I have EVER SEEN! Very fav forever :D
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This is the cutiest Smaug i ever seen!!!
*Free Icon/Emote* Toothless (Love it!)
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:iconsilverfox5213: Nyaw! But… I wanna hug him!
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Aww, he is soo adorable!
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Thus it was made, an artwork that inspires!
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I have tried many times to draw Smaug and everytime it failed, you are AMAZING, I cried in the movie when he gets shot!!!!!
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^o^ sooooo cute! oh my my goodness lol his lil face is perfect !
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Oh my god. :'O I cried when he died. But this is so cute and well done
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okay smaug, you're badass ...  badass cutie *___* *glomps that poor dragoncuticle* ~<3
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he ish cuti ^^
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Smaug was so epic. I haven't seen part 3 yet.
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