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Fan art of my favorite character from a game that I never played before XD
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awww, it's the cutest little psychopath/jekyll&hyde ever :)
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this is truly amazing!
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this is so cute!
my favorite champion is Lulu, and with my brother using gentleman Gnar,

we are 
the team Broze! That weekend feeling
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Ha! My fav champion is Ryze.
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Yay my favorit champion made by my favorit Cute Furry Drawer :D
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Awww, Cute! Its so adorable, I want one of your arts one day
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Your art is so adorable :3 :)

Im going to watch you ^^ :aww:
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omg i love gnar i always play him on dont starve togeather hes so cuteeeee  :D
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I LOVE THIS PIC OF GNAR!! I JUST WANNA CUDDLE HIM!! HE LOOKS SO REAL IN THIS ONE!! :D I played him once when he was free. It was when I was a noob XD 
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He's cute! Looks quite alike my OC!
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this one looks like Eevee
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This is so cute and fluffy and aahhhhhh!!!:fluffy: NOT MY WORK 
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Wow. He looks so fluffy!
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Teach me your way 
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