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You lose, everything on this table is mine now!"
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RamboBambiBambo's avatar
Ratatouille in Zootopia... nuff said. 
AlpheratzHowls's avatar
This is simply amazing.
LazyRayFinkle's avatar
That's how I react when Japanese food is on the table.

Nice work.
animatorfun's avatar
Heyyyyyyy     how much do comissions costttt?????
Roxalew's avatar
The shading and contrasts are beyond amazing! :D Hehe that mouse :heart:
Ecuverse's avatar
Love it- love the glossy eyes and the fur detail-
Kaiodi's avatar
I love how glossy you color your eyes
DeDogg's avatar
This art style reminds me a bit of Zootopia mixed with something else.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
That is a cute lil' rodent. So is the fox. Hell, this is you, every character is cute!
nintendewott's avatar
Evil Tom icon not this time!
Saku-knux's avatar
Awww i love his face x333 <3
so beautiful n_n 
charonbond's avatar
What did he lose?  :(
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Cute and amusing yet again. The kid can still stop him...... ^^
Draco56's avatar
So adorable and well done, his face reaction is priceless.
Orgunis's avatar
They could share :dummy:
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Well its all probably dirty now anyway LOL
BloomingDaemon's avatar
That mouse seems to have skill with chopstick fencing!
Tanukiri's avatar
That ramen soup looks delicious! <3 :9
Awesome art as always :3
dantiscus's avatar
That adorable "oops?!" face X3.. SO LOVELY!!! =D
makazemafuu's avatar
Omg so nice! xD
Abigailcatpie's avatar
How long do these take?
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