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Chibi Gnash

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Fan art for Nashville Predators mascot, Gnash. I know nothing about ice hockey but their mascot is cute :P
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Go Preds!!!! And Amazing art work by the way!! Innocent but vicious, coming from a die hard preds fan.
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Oh my gosh, he's so cute and bitey!  :D  I got into hockey early this year...specifically the Predators.  I wish you could make an actual plushie doll of this...I would so buy it!  And you even kinda have him doing Fang Fingers on the right hand, too!
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Every fan of Nashville should see this masterpiece. You deserve to become a small legend of Predators franchise, I don't exaggeratingClap Clap Clap 
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As a local from Nashville TN, I <3 this =^.^=
Gnash is so awesome!  And his performer has some serious capability, has even rappelled down a rope from the top of the stadium down to the ice... Not many fursuiters could do -that-! =^.^=
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He's so cute, I can hardly....*Squeals*

:squee: personal revamp 
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If he stumbles while playing, I should make sure that I have my camera.
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My old hockey team, sweet! :D
I agree, he is adorable!
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Phoenix Coyote next?  :)
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Woah I love it. Where/how do you do your paintings? Is it a program or something? This is really cute.
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As a Tennessean, I thank you for this. That's just awesome.
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I almost expect him to say the following:

"Where's the baby? THERE HE IS!!!!"

Nice job! :)
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;-; I can't favorite this cuz I hate the predators but the art itself is adorable ;-; i love your style
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omggg, this is so cute QAQ If you feel like it, you should do the Buffalo Sabres' mascot, too, Sabretooth!! ♥ w ♥
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I don't know anything about hockey either, but if all thier mascots were this cute I might!
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Awwwwwww what a cute mascot.
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Brilliant, all of your paintings are just amazing. :love: 
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