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Still alive, have a Cerberox, guardian of cuteness.
Print available soon.
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Very well done! :-)
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It’s so fluffy! I want it lol!
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You're drawing skills are freaking amazing! O-o
And this one is super cute like omg!
Twilightberry's avatar
Aaaww so adorable :love: 
Jackfrost-300-truefr's avatar
ChrysophylaxCreates's avatar
aHHH I wanna squoosh!
SoniaTheBlackFox's avatar
Awwww he's my pet! I'm gonna call him 'Fluffy'

(Harry Potter Reference)
RagingFox1102's avatar
I want one... no i want three of these fluffbois
SoniaTheBlackFox's avatar
Grabaus-SketchBook's avatar
I'm Obsessed. With. Foxes. XD very. Cute. I. Have. Been. Focused. More. On. Realism. But. These. Make. Me. Want. To. Do. Big. Eyed. Beauties. Haha. Love. The. Style!
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You just gained a watcher!!!!!!! ^^ <3
Vuurstern's avatar
I love the way you draw fur, so much!
NerdOfAllTrades's avatar
Did you know Cerbereus is Greek for "spotted"? Hades named his dog Spot!
SpeckledGoblin's avatar
If you make this into a print let me know, I'd love a copy :)
Lyth's avatar
Soooo cute! :heart:
DaughterofSachmet's avatar
Please let me know when the print comes available! Fox emoji - hearts 
faetherflight's avatar
I wanna boop it's nose, it's precious! But I think I might lose a finger that way... worth it
DaughterofSachmet's avatar
I'm in love with those cute guys Love 
SilverMoonlight1322's avatar
Ahhhh it’s so cuttteee
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