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Broken Dreams

 "Sweetie, is everything alright?"
"I'm ok mum, I'm going to sleep now.."

A proper Zootopia fan art after watching the movie.
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aaawww dont cry,i like how you included the ball its a nice touch

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Poor nick he should not suffer like this 😢

If only Nick have decided to show them how wrong they were.

spyrofreak01's avatar
Aww, poor little Nick. 
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That ball cameos somewhere in every Pixar movie. Now it's showing up in fanart too.
yifflvr's avatar
Nice pic.  Reminds me of the bully stuff that happened to me from about 7th grade all thru to end of high school.
Crazycyberninja210's avatar
i wish i helped nick :(
MrAcrizzy's avatar
I see the ball from Luxo Jr! Cool!
stitchlover7's avatar
"Hmm, No, you are NOT okay, your eyes are leaking!" :'(
elzataerinn's avatar
Ouch... I wonder if depressing is a sufficient term to describe this.
EvieLuArts's avatar
This is really beautiful and I noticed the luxo jr ball, nice touch!
Keftense's avatar
The ripped up application on the floor...broken dreams indeed. 
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*This Piece is So Well Done*
You can't help, but to feel sorry for Nick.
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Nice pixar ball in the background
Anni-Frid's avatar
Your Zootopia-art is great!!! Love it!
ImAPotatoAJ's avatar
I see the pixar ball XD I love your art so much! And I adore Zootopia... Best of both worlds!
Mina-Fox's avatar
Sad little fox. T_T I want to give him a lot of hugs.

It's no fun when he gets bullied for being a fox. The scouts should be ashamed of themselves for how they treated him.
Nick deserves all this fan art, considering how his childhood dream was ruined. Since the movie didn't give him one, the fans will!
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but aside from that, amazing work as always
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That part of the movie was so depressing, yet almost difficult to watch at first because of how much cruelty was bestowed on Nick for no reason other than blind prejudice. :(
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