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Bobby Catmull

"Vai votta vo voo vhe vext vhow vow, veeya!" Fan art of Bobby Catmull from Zootopia!
I hope he's the sound engineer for Gazelle's concert :D
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He is actually my favorite character in all of zootopia.
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I think he'll grow up to be a locally-known musician, and the owner of a guitar shop.
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I thought he was an Animal Version of Natewantstobattle (AKA:Nathan Sharp)
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Awww! This is so adorable I love your style! (BTW do you know what kind of animal he is?)
ocean-aviator's avatar
I would assume a mountain lion.
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Yes! More overly cute Zootopez from ya  
These are just too adorable :3
He reminds me of Bert from "Mary Poppins" in this drawing.
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Please never stop drawing Zootopia fan art.
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Yeah, It's the best!! :D
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I love the fact that you've got his surroundings reflected in his eyes. So many people forget that, and yet it's one of the things that make him seem real, even though we don't see any of those surroundings around him. 

Truly, your use of light and shade and shadow and highlights is magnificent. Just that dot of highlight in his eyes, and those two tiny highlight spots at the edge of his irises that show that his iris stands at a different angle to the whites (which real eyes do, real eyes are not flat) and that little edge of slightly brighter light at the lower part of his eyes, and the highlights surrounding his eyes that hint at the structure of the eyelids we can't actually see, it all gives him an anatomical underlying structure, and environmental "placement" (I mean how it feels like he's in an actual environment, with things around him, even if we can't see them, he does. It gives him a "weight" and reality that brings this (and all your other illustrations) a sense of three dimension realism (without sacrificing any of the beauty and cuteness and gentleness that makes them so amazingly beautiful) that a lot of other art doesn't achieve.

By the way, that includes even the little things like the highlight and texture on his drum, which makes it look both round and real but also makes it look laquered and "hand rubbed" which a real drum would look like.

I just love your work, you are so so good!  And even more, you bring a sense of innocence and beauty that just makes my heart feel good. Just all these little pictures of yours truly make the world a better place, a place worth living in.
Lyncx-e's avatar
this is so amazing!!
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I swear, these animals of yours are just too adorable! Great job, dear.
Colorfulmoongato's avatar
"I gotta go to the next show now, seeya" lol
took me a minute to understand that hahaha!! So cute, that would be an awesome canon idea.
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Best sound technician ever!! Makes me LOL every time. :D
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I gotta go do the next show now, seeya.

Ok, I'll be in the front row.  :D
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This is such a cute drawing that you made, the details in the fur look amazing and the eyes look so cute. :3
cooljell522's avatar
fun fact: did you know theres gonna be a zootopia 2?
((may come in 2017 i dont know))
Musicalmutt2's avatar
I don't think it'd be possible to finish a new 3D animated movie within a year, it's taken several years to get sequels of other movies. It would be interesting to see what they would do for a sequel though
Nayolfa's avatar
Yes, my husbando.
ArtmuhJackal's avatar
Aww kawaii. He's probably a big musician in universe.  
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