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Bloody Brief Bat Tutorial

Sorry about the sudden jump from step 4 to step 5, was streaming and forgot to take any screenshots. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, feel free to ask me :)
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that drawing program you use?
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I haven't quite figured out the masking part; I'm using CC 2015...
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Is the final detail layer set to overlay or normal? 
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You have no idea how grateful I am for this tutorial. I learned how to do things I have always wished I could do, but never understood how to do. Now I'll be able to replicate the process whenever I choose. Here's the sketch I did following your tutorial. It's one of my own furry friends! =) Leaping Furry Foxy Friend  THANKS AGAIN!!!Clap   Hug Love 
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My My I believe I hit the jackpot, I'll definitely dry and do this and the rest of your tutorials. THANKS for being up the effort for the tutorials, I never knew you had tutorials in the beginning I feel ashamed, and I bet you made a lot of people happy for this.
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Neat and organized tutorial. I shall this and see how it turns out.
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Is there any way I can re-create this brush in sketchbook pro? I am terrible at making my own T-T
Great tutorial!
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Hello! :)

Do you keep the sketch-layer in the finished version (barely visible) or do you hide it when you finished your drawing?
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how do you add the highlight?
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Thank you very much for the tutorial ^^
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Good stuff, thanks for this. Please keep it up (the amazing artwork and the tutorials :D if it's not too much trouble) <3
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very informative and clear lesson, beautiful art)
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thanks for tutorial
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Awesome tutorial! What brush do you use when doing the shading and lighting? (As in is it a normal hard round or soft round or opacity set to pen pressure...or something else?)
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Sweet! Thanks for sharing :D
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one of the best I've seen!
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Great tutorial, thank you ¡¡¡¡
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This is very easy to follow!
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Cool!This tutorial very helpful for me!♡
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