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Be Yourself

"I thought I told you to get rid of that stupid thing!"
"But mum, in Zootopia anyone can be.."
"Don't you talk back on me young man!"
"I...I just want to be myself..."

Yet another Zootopia fan art featuring Finnick!
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R.I.P. Tom Lester Jr.

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RIP Tom Lister, Jr.

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15 Years later....

*Smokes A Ciger*

  Fuck my life i:i
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Such lovely painting!
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Poor Finnick.
Is he actually a child here?
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Awww, poor Finnick, I never knew he actually wanted to be an elephant! I want to hug him now!
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awww, poor Finnick
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And then Nicky allied with him and gave him that opportunity.
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First off this is amazingly drawn and I love the fact you can see the outline in the eyes, it's adorable and overall a brilliant piece of artwork

Secondly I now feel really bad for Finnick!
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I can Understand Finnick in this picture

I make Animal Masks about of Felt.
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n'aaaaaaawwwwwww Finnick!!! Aww 
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Be Yourself...
Be Unique...
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Aww. How cute. Poor Finnick. :soothe: V2 
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XD awww.... adorable!!! Certainly gives this minor character A TON of depth.

I wonder how many people didn't know Finnick was a fennec and thought he was kid until we heard his shockingly manly voice. I knew of course cause fennecs are one of my favorite foxes next to the red fox and I know they are smaller
it feels good if you put this as your wallpaper! :)
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Maybe he really did want to be an elephant when he was little......... Waaaah! 
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AWWW NO HE WILL BE WHAT EVER HE WANTS!!!! IF HE WANTS TO BE A ELEPHANT HE WILL BE A ELEPHANT!!! cause in zootopia... everyone can be everything! :)
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isint this guy supposed to be like... 20 years old? I mean he can drive a car!
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This is probs when he was younger
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