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twix pun

so for who dont know i have an earth pony named of silvy’s friends who likes to mess with him and test her gadgets on (she is the one who turned him into a mare , filly and a femboy)
i was up town today and i picked up a twix bar for the hell of it to snack on later and on the drive home this stupid joke popped back in my head.i made this joke a long time ago but never drew anything for it x3
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You should do more of these cartoon irl things. You were good at it haha. But then again I bet it was a pain in the ass having to do extra shading that matches the irl equivalent light.
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puns for days XD
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oh, very well. amazing photo-manipulation and draw
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Been awhile since we've seen Twix and yes Silvy they are your job
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Ah, how could we forget Twix! She's adorable and fun! Even better than the candy bar!
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Mwahaha bad puns ftw
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I like Twix too.
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Dat smiling pink in the back though
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ohh now this is a funny pun xD 
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And now turn it about 90 degrees clockwise please.
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