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for :iconnoexcusespanda:

yaay commission finally done i can focus more on comics and other stuffs :D ......

but im not cus im a lazy procrastinating asshole owo
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Holy shit dude. That looks fucking bad ass!
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Took me a bit to figure out that the one on the right is Starlight. Good job with the subtle clues to her cutie mark on her dress.

As for the figure on the left, I first it was Celestia...until I saw that she has no horn. Who is that?
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one on the right is trixie actually. the flowing things you see on the dress is actually strands of cloth attached to the sash
the designs on the lower part of her robe is a crescent moon , a few dots and a star which resembles her canon clothing and mark
one on the left is derpy
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looks super and epic!
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This looks really fantastic, thanks again. ^^
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oh way awesome.
i like how this man thinks.
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