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So here's the deal:

:damphyr: Chibi, stylized ID - 5Euro 2Little4Dead by Silverene Burn ID by Silverene

:damphyr: simplified character design - 10Euro For science by Silverene

:damphyr: full hi-res painting semi-realistic CG - 25Euro (extra character +10Euro, +5Euro for complicated BG)
Drawing Dead by Silverene :thumb164256505: 67 percent - commission by Silverene Let's all rock the heist by Silverene Welcome to the dark carnival by Silverene Enchanted by Silverene Brand new world by Silverene :thumb199451722: :thumb162945384:

You should know that depending on the theme the results will vary. I'm still learning and I'll do my best!

So... if you like something, let me know (by note). :D
Here's my paypal account: silverene@op.pl .

:star: I accept money transfers done via paypal or Polish/European mBank.

:damphyr: Things I won't draw: anything that I find offensive: homophobia, racism etc.

:damphyr: I'm ok with drawing erotic (but anything beyond pairings/kissing goes outside dA) pictures, be it gay or het, but I'll post them or send them outside of dA. Same goes for excessive violence (but sometimes it's necessary, like in game fanarts or horror works).
I'm not very good at drawing robots and cars, but I can try especially if they're in the Transformers Animated style.

:damphyr: I'll send you a sketch, then you'll pay me full price, and I'll continue to work on the commission!
:star: If I know that I won't be able to finish commissioned drawing at that moment, I'll refund it or discuss another way of dealing with this situation (continue it after a while for example).

:damphyr: Please send reference pictures, or write a description of that character, including mood of the picture etc if you want a specific one.

:damphyr: I paint my paintings using Adobe Photoshop CE and Open Canvas 5.05.
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Next week, around Saturday I will be paypalling you the money, because that's when I get my money, you don't have to start anything yet and to be honest, I wouldn't until I got the money. I was hoping you could draw me a cover for my little writing project on here, This Town ([link]) all I need it just a shot of either Jinki, the main boy character, or Jamie, the main girl character, looking badass. I will be happy to provide any further information, but... I think their physical appearances are listed on the chapters. :3