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It Started With A Mission Part 2
Deidara groaned quietly as his mind slowly awoke. Oddly he was comfortable and semi warm, a part of him just wanted to go back to bed, and after a moment decided to but then he made the mistake of moving his injured leg and a sharp jolt like prickling shot through him and he groaned again.
Fuck, his leg was stiff.
“Sleep well, Senpai?” Tobi asked softly.
Deidara jerked at the sudden childish voice of his partner, his heart thudding rapidly and inwardly he cursed himself for scaring like that.
Then he became aware of how his cloak clung to him, and made an irritated face.
“The rain has stopped,” Tobi lightly informed.
Instantly a scowl arose on Deidara’s face, as if he hadn’t been able to note that for himself. Peering through the small enclosure Deidara idly wondered when exactly the rain had ceased. The sun streamed brightly and the ground had a dark look to it but he could tell it wasn’t mud.
Seeing the strong blare of the sun Deidara immedia
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Tobi X Dei It Started With A Mission Part 1
Disclaimer: I do not own!
Warning: Some blood, death (not Tobi or Dei), light cussing.
So I noticed that I never did one one-shot in the year 2013 :/, after posting ‘Cutting It Close.’ My last one that I posted the other day (Cutting It Close) was to get back in the groove. I’m much happier with this one and for the most part like how it all came out. I knew this would be long but it ended up being longer than I expected. But hope you enjoy my longest one-shot! :)
It Started With a Mission
Deidara sighed loosely as he gazed dully at the passing trees, garbed in his blue pants and blue fishnet shirt covered by the obligatory Akatsuki coat. His clay pouch strapped to his waist hidden beneath his cloak but had easy and quick access to it due to the lower buttons remaining unclipped.
A light wind blew; occasionally a stronger enough wind ruffled the many green leaves of the passing trees and his cloak and causing his long blond locks to sway lightly.
The scenery wa
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Anime Collection 1 by Silverdragon04 Anime Collection 1 :iconsilverdragon04:Silverdragon04 2 0 Pokemon Pikachu And Poliwhirl 23 karat Gold Plated by Silverdragon04 Pokemon Pikachu And Poliwhirl 23 karat Gold Plated :iconsilverdragon04:Silverdragon04 0 6
Tobi X Dei - Cutting It Close
Disclaimer: I do not own.
Warning: Some blood.
So a new one-shot! I’m not quite happy with it but eh, I’ll still share it.
Cutting It Close
Tobi lit up as the inn came into view at the end of the dark street. It had been a long and - he wanted to say difficult but it was more annoying than anything – mission, the mission was pretty much routine, retrieve an item, such as a valuable weapon or scroll and get out. To some the infiltrating might have seemed impossible and or only for ANBU. But for two S-classed nin, such as Deidara and himself, hardly to concerning or overly challenging. Of course Deidara’s bombs sure were useful in this kind of situation, on the way out they could just blow everything up. The scroll that they needed was in a fortress like building. It had high walls and high towers; it was like looking at bird cage. It was to keep things such as people in and intruders out.
Getting in hadn’t been too difficult, they had agreed on stealth. The
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Tobi X Dei - Contemplating
Disclaimer – I do not own Shippuden and never will.
Warning – Light gore, death, no Akatsuki deaths. Light cussing.
Deidara scoffed as he kicked lightly at the barren dirt path he was slowly walking down, thoroughly fed up. His temple was throbbing, and only continued to get worse as his idiotic partner continued merrily chattering away, occasionally stopping to hum an off tune that only made sense to him, as he skipped in front of him.
Why did he have to get stuck with the annoying, obnoxious dumbass?
Sure Sasori, his former partner was cruel and arrogant, which ultimately led to his death at the hands of two females but he certainly wasn’t annoying or practically useless. Tobi was only good at running. At least that was all he’d seen from the masked nin so far.
But if Sasori hadn’t been stupid and died, he wouldn’t be stuck with Tobi… but unfortunately now he got stuck with Tobi.
But why couldn’t Tobi be Zetsu’s par
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Tobi X Dei Hidden Underneath Chap 2
Disclaimer: I do not own
Hidden Underneath
Chapter 2 - Iron
"Brat! Keep up!" Sasori snapped inside of Hiruko his traveling puppet but is also used for combat.
Deidara jolted out of his musing he'd been thinking about art, "Hai Danna un." He increased his speed until falling alongside the puppet. The last thing he needed right now was to tick Sasori off and get injured. His body was slowly recovering and he'd rather keep it that way.
Sighing Deidara glanced to the sky noting that clouds were slowly growing. It looked like there might be rain today…
"Ne Danna?" The blond asked hesitantly with a side glance at the puppet master, his hair up in the customary partial pony tail and a thick strand of hair over one side of his face. His grey headband that bore the symbol of a rock was tied around his forehead, holding back some of his hair. If Sasori was in a foul mood he'd have a better chance of dodging an attack by looking.
The other grunted making no effort to speak whatsoever.
The cl
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Tobi X Dei Hidden Underneath Chap 1
Disclaimer: I do not own Shippuden
Warning: Mild cussing. Mild useage of Japanese terms
Rated M for Mature. Will contain lemons in later chapters.
This is a Tobi X Dei Yaoi. Slow building.
Note – In this story Tobi is Madara. And yes I have been told that he isn't, but I like the idea. (As of some time ago I became aware of the fact that Madara is not Tobi. That it is official. But since I had already written 9 chapters of this I decided not to go back and change it. Plus it would have been a bit difficult for what happened in chapter 9 and so in this story I am leaving Tobi as Madara)
Other pairings: Kisame/Itachi, Kakuzu/Hidan and Pein/Konan. Though might be just hinted or just slight
                                              Hidden Underneath
:iconsilverdragon04:Silverdragon04 13 9
Mature content
Tobi X Dei - What We Feel :iconsilverdragon04:Silverdragon04 17 11
Tobi X Dei - Is Having a Weakness -
Disclaimer: I do not own.
Warning: Some gore
This was beta'd by JJKMagic
*Sigh* Crappy title and summary…
Note – Inspired by Shippuden episode 208. If you haven't seen episode 208 and up then - *Spoiler*
~ Is Having a Weakness Really Such a Bad Thing?
Tobi hummed in satisfaction as the last leaf nin was taken care of and turned to look over the edge of the tall pillar he was standing on. His eye narrowed down in hate at the brown haired male who was just about finished with his preparation for facing him.
Stepping forward a pace he stated with conviction, "You are no match for me."
"Perhaps… but everyone has a weakness," a man in at least his fifties uttered quietly, with certainty.
"Oh? Referring to yourself?" Tobi chirped but still in his dark, velvety voice as he kept his senses on high alert. Danzo was a crafty, sneaky, manipulative man.
Danzo dropped his arms to his sides as he tilted his head upwards farther but kept his un-bandaged eye closed and murmured just as
:iconsilverdragon04:Silverdragon04 12 5
Mature content
Tobi X Dei - Tired of Waiting :iconsilverdragon04:Silverdragon04 4 6
Mature content
Tobi X Dei - Feeling Pleasure :iconsilverdragon04:Silverdragon04 14 22
Tobi X Dei - Not Taking No for an Answer - Sequel
Disclaimer – I do not own Shippuden
I decided to do a sequel because I hate Dei dying, it happened in the anime and that was more than enough. So here's the sequel to 'Too Late'
~Not Taking No for an Answer~
The sky roared as dark gray clouds formed in the sky, thunder breaking out.
Tobi kept his face buried into Deidara's long blond hair, holding tightly to the deceased body in despair.
Why… why had this happened…?
He loved Deidara, had for years, yet never outright said or did anything. To do so would mean he'd have to reveal his true identity. .. Since to have a strong; good relationship required honesty and truth.
If he came clean from the get go, he and Deidara wouldn't have anything for long. Deidara despised the sharingan, to get into one and not tell the blond would be asking for trouble.
Something would be bound to go wrong and his secret would be out. Thus telling the truth would be a priority. Of course that being if the blond could get over his hate and accep
:iconsilverdragon04:Silverdragon04 18 2
Shippuden Tobi X Dei - Too Late...
Disclaimer – I do not own Shippuden
Warning – Character death… sadly.
Too Late…
It hurt…
Every part of him screamed in pain… it hurt to breathe, it hurt to move.
He couldn't recall the last time he'd been in this much pain… if ever.
He leaned heavily against a tree trunk, his breathing uneven. Every time he swallowed the pain seemed to increase. With each passing second, he felt his throat constrict making it harder to draw in air.
Deidara sighed inwardly, vaguely wishing he'd stayed in bed today. He had stormed off from the Akatsuki hideout after an argument from Hidan. While it was common for them to argue, there were times it really grated on him, everyone was constantly demeaning him and picking on him and it infuriated him.
The Zealot just loved to piss him off the most and because he'd been in such a furious mood he'd failed to realize the enemy nin.
There had only been one… just one ANBU. And while one would usually never be a problem for
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The Eye of Nous by triptychaos The Eye of Nous :icontriptychaos:triptychaos 29 10 Celebrate by lindelokse Celebrate :iconlindelokse:lindelokse 139 53 Tenkuu no Crystalia - Petit chevalier by KPJ11 Tenkuu no Crystalia - Petit chevalier :iconkpj11:KPJ11 2,636 0 Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Indigo League, Kanto by robbienordgren Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Indigo League, Kanto :iconrobbienordgren:robbienordgren 2,853 220 Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Johto League by robbienordgren Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Johto League :iconrobbienordgren:robbienordgren 460 34 Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Hoenn League by robbienordgren Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Hoenn League :iconrobbienordgren:robbienordgren 367 28 Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Sinnoh League by robbienordgren Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Sinnoh League :iconrobbienordgren:robbienordgren 360 29 Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Unova, Black 2 and White 2 by robbienordgren Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Unova, Black 2 and White 2 :iconrobbienordgren:robbienordgren 207 15 Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Unova, Black and White by robbienordgren Pokemon Gym Badges 3D - Unova, Black and White :iconrobbienordgren:robbienordgren 257 10 Vs Ho-oh and the Sacred Fire by arkeis-pokemon Vs Ho-oh and the Sacred Fire :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 5,500 452 Bakura Pichu Pichu by Kidura Bakura Pichu Pichu :iconkidura:Kidura 4,248 502 The Pokeball of Misteon (Fire/Water type eevee) by wazzy88 The Pokeball of Misteon (Fire/Water type eevee) :iconwazzy88:wazzy88 1,493 71 The Pokeball of Cyndaquil by wazzy88 The Pokeball of Cyndaquil :iconwazzy88:wazzy88 2,315 107 Ninetales and Cyndaquil by Gaalea Ninetales and Cyndaquil :icongaalea:Gaalea 313 44 The Seventeen Mew by arkeis-pokemon The Seventeen Mew :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 4,494 356



Can also be found on Fanfiction.Net
Name: DragonFire44



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