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Since I got the DD some people can't believe the jumbo jet landing is real. Here I try to show what people experience when the plane actually takes off.... Cheers!

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Jul 4, 2009, 5:02:11 PM
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graypaw300's avatar
I went here over the summer, and it was amazing! Being only about 85 pounds, when the plane took off, I took a fair tumble XD The sand attacking me didn't feel so swell either XD
HanksBeanieHat's avatar
The guy in the black shirt looks like he's being blown away!
silverdragon's avatar
he was running away.. the sand bits being blasted unto you hurts a lot. Eventually he end up in the sea :)
Sonik-Sheep's avatar
I'm from SxM and as a teenager we always watched tourists get sand blasted. There wasn't much else to do. :)
silverdragon76's avatar
And all the natives/island residents are in the background going "LOL tourists". XD

Great shot. :thumbsup:
BlackCat09's avatar
I see fat. Please tell me the guy had some close before the shot. :D
FreakyLaurent's avatar
Wow !

Another Fine example !

drawnvision's avatar
boxers $20
goggles $60
this picture: priceless :P

love the lying guy btw.
alyssabff's avatar
next time, imma bring goggles too. lol
silverdragon's avatar
should bring an umbrella, might fly away like mary poppins :P
alyssabff's avatar
now THAT would be a picture lol
Kaeljia's avatar
These are great shots... I love the expressions. I still can't believe how close the planes get. I'd bet they don't allow rookies to fly into these airports at all. Not for the faint of heart. I'd love to see the looks on the people's faces on the planes as well.
silverdragon's avatar
thanks! Yeah only experienced pilots fly here. On the plane it's a bit different feeling. If you are on a 747 or a300-400 you see the blue ocean and all of a sudden you land with hard braking. Not so amazing as being on the beach and seeing these planes land or takeoff.
cannibalcow's avatar
haha poor flying guy XD
rafaella-schumann's avatar
Thats very interesting...and the guy with the swimming glasses is hilarious...a classic...nice job
ZipZap1313's avatar
Lols love the first few commentsXDD Love this pic *two thumbs up*
Tephra76's avatar
I'm amazed there's still sand left on that beach! :D
silverdragon's avatar
In the middle there is less sand than the sides :P
AmpAndDJ's avatar
Ha! I love how the guy is pulling a Jackie Chan in the middle of that. The goggle guy is a fun tidbit as well. :XD:
Awesome shot! And I loved your DD as well, good on you for proving it was real. :thumbsup:
silverdragon's avatar
hahaha yup yup. The guy put his goggles on determined he would face the sand with no problem... didnt work out for him lol.
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