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SimpleMediaPlayer 1.0.0 by SilverDrac SimpleMediaPlayer 1.0.0 :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 3 1 SimpleWeather 1.0.0 by SilverDrac SimpleWeather 1.0.0 :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 0 0 AllInOneMediaPlayer Updated to 1.1.0 by SilverDrac AllInOneMediaPlayer Updated to 1.1.0 :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 0 1 LcarsType [WIP] by SilverDrac LcarsType [WIP] :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 2 4 MenuBar 1.1.0 by SilverDrac MenuBar 1.1.0 :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 0 0 MiniCircle 1.0.0 by SilverDrac MiniCircle 1.0.0 :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 4 0 SpotifyPlayer 1.0.0 by SilverDrac SpotifyPlayer 1.0.0 :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 1 0 6DayWeather Updated to 1.1.0 by SilverDrac 6DayWeather Updated to 1.1.0 :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 3 0 Cube 1.0.0 by SilverDrac Cube 1.0.0 :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 0 0 SmallSkin Updated to V1.8.0 by SilverDrac SmallSkin Updated to V1.8.0 :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 7 9 Volume 1.0.0 by SilverDrac Volume 1.0.0 :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 0 0 DayClockV2 2.0.0 by SilverDrac DayClockV2 2.0.0 :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 7 3 Fire Damage by SilverDrac Fire Damage :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 0 0 The sport of Kings by SilverDrac The sport of Kings :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 0 0 Juvenile Bald Eagle by SilverDrac Juvenile Bald Eagle :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 1 0 A sunset by SilverDrac A sunset :iconsilverdrac:SilverDrac 1 0


VClouds Weather Icons by VClouds VClouds Weather Icons :iconvclouds:VClouds 225 177


SmallSkin Updated to V1.8.0
SmallSkin Pack V1.8.0

resources Contains
- Edit to change all skins in 1 shot
- Edit to adjust Font, Size, Color, Effect, Effect Color and Media Player
- Edit to change Location

All skins can edit Variables by right mouse click on skin

- Display Temp in Celsius and Fahrenheit hover to display what it feels like and a description of the conditions
- Right click on skin to edit Variables and Weather Location
- 24 hour time Day, Year Month Date hover over time to display in 12 hour
- Shows how long you computer has been running
- Shows Free Space and Used space in percentage
- Hover over skin to show size in values
- Click text to open drive
- Has Skins for C: to Z:
- Has a bar to display used space
CPU in banks of 4, has skins for up to 32 cores
- Shows 4 cores at a time 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16, 17-20, 21-24, 25-28 and 29-32
- Hover over numbers to get details
- Has 4 bars to display core usage
- Shows Free and Used RAM in percentage
- Hover over skin to show size in values
- Has a bar to display used RAM
- Display Up/Down speed
Recycle Bin
- Displays items and size
- Left click to open, middle click to empty
Media Player
- Change player type and path by Right mouse click to edit variables. Uncomment your player and comment out one you are not using
- Hover over track title to dispaly cut off track names, mouse scroll to adjust volume
- Right mouse click on play/pause button to open media player (must be set in variable file for this to work)
- Right mouse click on stop button to close media player (must be set in variable file for this to work)
- Added Spotify contol
- Display Left/Right volume
System Volume Control
- Left click on name to switch to next device
- Mouse scroll on text to adjust volume up and down by 5%
Battery Monitor
- Battery monitor
- For adding more skins

Computer Name
User Name
OS Version
Screen resolution
Moon Phase
Key Status
- Num, Caps and Scroll lock, plugin from jsmorley
SimpleMediaPlayer 1.0.0

I created a very simple media player.

Support for AIMP, iTunes, Media Monkey, Winamp and Windows media player (Only added this because it's on all Windows machines)

Power button starts selected media player, assuming you are using the default location on the install. Might have to edit the skin with the correct path. Otherwise just click on your preferred media player and click the power button to open it.

Progress bar, click to go to that point.

Controls, just the usual ones

Note: Shuffle and repeat do not work on Window Media player only.
Been busy with work but would like to get back into it again.

I don't feel that I have the talent for for art except mathematical or geometric art

Started getting back into digital photogrphay


Graham Wedepohl
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography


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