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I do not visit this site often anymore, so please keep in mind that it may take me a long time to see comments and other stuff. 
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I just purged half my gallery of old crap that I forgot was even there, I haven't looked at it for such a long time. It's been over a year since my last journal, thought it was about time I made a new one.

I actually have the urge to draw N again. I'm really busy right now though, so let's see if anything comes of it. I'm playing Pokemon White 2 right now, and I have yet to see if N is in this game at all. (He is far too sexy not to make an appearance)

I can't wait for Pokemon X and Y to come out, it looks so awesome!

Now to see if I even remember how to use Sai...
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I haven't been around lately, sorry. I've been more interested in making amvs and I don't have the time to both draw and edit. Plus I've been lacking inspiration. I'm sorry to all my lovely watchers, I will draw again eventually when the inspiration hits, but as of right now I'm not feeling it.

If you want to check out my amvs, here's a link to my youtube channel:…
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I'm currently obsessed with Death Note (again). I found this somewhere and spruced it up a lot(most of the choices were really dumb).

   You have a big goal in life
x You hate to lose.
   You don't give up, even when backed into a corner.
   You are good at devising strategies.
x You are arrogant.
   You don't mind hurting others as long it helps you to achieve your goals.
   You have the talent to charm people.

Total: 2

x You love sweets.
x You don't care about your appearance.
x You have bad posture.
   You are a genius.
x You suffer from lack of sleep. (somewhat)
x  People tend to think you're weird.
x You don't have many friends.

Total: 6

   You have the potential to love blindly and obsessively.
   You would do anything for the person you love.
   You are a good actor.
   You are of average or below average intelligence.
   You can't handle alcohol very well.
x You are very jealous.
   You are vain.

Total: 1

   You love chocolate.
   You hang out with a bad crowd.
   You are impulsive and rash.
   You would do anything to win.
x You have an inferiority complex.
x You are very intelligent, but sometimes you make mistakes.
   You are controlling.

Total: 2

x You are always playing video games.
x You don't care much about the world.
   You dislike going outside.
   You would do anything for your friends.
   You are good with technology.
   You are very relaxed.
   You have a dry sense of humor.

Total: 2

x You are very calm.
x You are bad at interacting with others.
   You have childish interests.
x You love to wear pajamas.
x You are very intelligent.
   You are good with your hands.
   You don't care deeply about others.

Total: 4

x You believe in a god.
   You have a strong sense of justice.
   You believe criminals deserve to die.
   You are somewhat obsessive compulsive.
   You've been bullied.
   You are fanatical about someone or something.
   You meticulously plan every aspect of your life.

Total: 1

   You are addicted to something.
x You are bored with your life.
   You are apathetic toward the troubles of others.
x You laugh in a weird way.
x You are lazy.
   When there's an argument, you stay neutral.
   You find people to be interesting.

Total: 3

   People tend to see you as an idiot.
x You always see the good in people.
   You have a role model you look up to.
   You like to keep up with trends.
   You are naive.
x You do stupid things sometimes.
   You have a strong desire to be useful.

Total: 2

I'm L! Yay I'm weird...!
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*Spoilers for the ending of Nabari no Ou*

I read the last chapter of Nabari no ou and I BAWLED. The scene with yoite was so sad and touching and sad. Especially when Miharu was anguishing over why he didn't bring Yoite back to life when he could and instead erased the memory of him. I wanted him to live so badly. I don't think I've ever been that attached to a literary character before. It's really strange actually. I guess that means Kamatani was a really good author. (or I get too into my manga...) Except for the very end. It was a terrible ending actually, all the loose ends are left unresolved. It was unsatisfying.

The way Miharu kept saying Yoite's name was really sweet though. I loved that. It made me tear up again.

And is it just me or was the last Yoite scene kinda fan service-y? It felt as if they were about to kiss. Despite my love for yaoi, I really don't like the miharu/yoite pairing. Maybe it's just my habit of seeing BL in anything and everything. Yeah that's probably it...>.>

I actually had to read the raws of the manga and the translation separate, since the last four chapters haven't been scanlated yet. Why did the scanlation teams just drop it like that? Nabari no Ou is pretty popular isn't it? It's weird and irritating... especially seeing as how the last two chapters had horrible translations... I wish I could read kanji... T_T

Anyway that's it. All my journals lately have been about manga or anime...

oh and speaking of anime, are people who call themselves "otaku" aware that it's a negative term that means something like an obsessive nerd? Like "still lives with their parents at thirty, basement dwelling" nerd. If you were to call yourself that in japan people would look at you strange...
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I just started watching a new anime called No.6. I'm totally in love with it! :squee:
It's shonen ai (since they put emphasis on the hand holding scene, I'm guessing it was meant to be more than just friendship) and has a really interesting plot line and great art and animation. So far, there's only four episodes out, but I think the entire series will have 11. The first episode is so cute! And I love the fact that Shion gets excited by storms. Cuz I'm kinda the same way:aww:(though I don't scream~)

Here's a trailer if anyone's interested:… (It's a terrible trailer...)

You can download episodes here(there's also a summary)…

Also, this is the amv that inspired me to watch it:…
And another one:…

This anime may just make it on my top ten list if the quality continues.=D If you like shonen ai with a good plot, then you should check it out.;)

There's also a novel that's in the process of being translated. I haven't read it yet, so I don't know how well the translation reads, but if you're interested here's the link: ninteenpointzerofour.wordpress…
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This is honestly the best Harry Potter fan fiction I have ever read. And it's about a character who never really appears in the book.  It's just so beautiful and thought provoking. I first read it about a year ago, and am in the middle of re-reading it now. I almost passed it up because the main character didn't interest me, but I am so so grateful that I didn't. I honestly never thought much about Regulus Black, despite the fact that he played an important part in Voldemort's defeat. This story deals with how he came to  do just that. There's not a lot reveled about Regulus in the books, so the author has a lot of creative flexibility.

It's dark and shows a more realistic view of the death eaters and their magic(in other words this wasn't written for kids). And Regulus is portrayed as a tortured genius who slowly delves into madness, so his thought process is very interesting.

If you love Harry Potter I urge you to give this fiction a chance. Even if you don't normally read fan fiction. The writing is actually more colorful than J.K.Rowling's writing(imho). I was hooked after just the first few paragraphs.

Here's the link if you're interested: "A Certain Slant of Light" by Hatusu
It has a mature content warning, so I think you have to be logged in to read it.
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I just finished watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica(or Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, I'm not sure which is most used...) and it is awesome! I normally hate magical girl anime, cuz they're all so fluffy and happy-go-lucky, but this one is nothing like that at all. It is dark. It's realistic.  Every time they fight, they risk their lives, and characters actually die! Which is something I've never seen in such an anime. You don't really know what the outcome of of fight is going to be, so it's more exiting. And I love how the line between good and evil is really blurred.

I really love the art style, it kinda reminds me of Alien 9. And the music is awesome!I really love the ending theme.…

It's only 12 episodes long, so the plot line doesn't drag like with other magical girl anime. Which is good, cuz i got bored with Shugo Chara and Tokyo Mew Mew.

This anime is definitely one of my top ten favs. =D

You can watch it in HQ here:…

Or download HD episodes here:…
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Does anyone know of some really good Inuyasha fanfiction? And by good I mean well written. It's so hard to find fanfiction that isn't complete crap.

Anything with Sesshoumaru is fine, though I prefer inucest(don't judge me).

Please help, I'm going into withdrawal here.

btw, here is some good sesshoumaru fanfiction I found:

Tales From the House of the Moon A Sesskag fic

Fugue Sesskag This is actually really depressing, but it is one of the better fics out there.

Solidarity Sesshoumaru & Inuyasha kid fic non-slash The characterization in this is amazing.

Poison Inucest
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I first started watching Inuyasha back when I started middle school, something like ten years ago. It was the second anime I had ever watched and it's what inspired me to first start drawing anime. Then, when I started highschool, I gradually lost interest in it(I can't remember why) and I never finished the series.

But recently, I started reading some really good fanfiction(which is incredibly hard to find) and decided to give the series another shot. And I discovered some things that I had not realized in my youth.

The English dialog sucks. Badly. There are so many embarrassing cliches in it that it makes me want to rip my hair out. Can't they be a little more imaginative? In cases like these, I would usual switch to the Japanese version, but I just can't stand their Japanese voices. They just sound so wrong to me, since I grew up hearing the English dub. Especially Sesshoumaru's voice. :(

This brings us to another little discrepancy from my childhood memories, in that the voice acting is not all that great. Alot of parts just don't sound natural, like you can tell they're just actors in a studio reading off a script. (with the exception of Sesshoumaru, since David Kaye's voice is so smexy;P) But maybe I'm just nitpicking, idk.

Also, the animation sucks. But that's excusable i guess since the original anime is kinda old. From what I've seen in amvs the new season has great animation.

I really wanna watch the new season, but I heard david kaye won't be playing sesshoumaru, which makes me sad(haha, I am so obsessed) I have no idea if they've dubbed it yet or not, I don't wanna watch it in Japanese. I guess I'll look into that later.

So yeah, watching it again kinda ruined my childhood memories, but I still love Inuyasha. And I will watch that last season, which seems to have so much hot Sesshie action in it.;P
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This looked like fun.=D I got this from a random person's journal, I can't remember who it was now.



2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle)


3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav color and fav animal)
Blue Wolf

4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)


5. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink)

Green Tea
Awesome! xD

6. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, first two letters of your middle name, last two letters of your first name then last three letters of your last name)
nope still polish;P

7. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (both parents middle name)

William Lee
I shall masquerade as a boy

8. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets)
Black Licorice
kinda redundant...

9. NINJA NAME: (First two letters of your first name added with Ruto)
I loathe Naruto I hate that this is even in here...

10. PIRATE NAME: (Your middle name after the word Captain)
Captain Marie
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I like a wide variety of music. I don't know if this list represents that or not.^^  
Sleepy...going to bed now...…;"Where Butterflies Never Die" - Broken Iris…;"Cherish" - Ai Otsuka (Japanese)…;"Maria" - Akira Yamaoka (Japanese)…;"La Amore" - Sonohra (French)…;"Heartless" - The Fray…;"Rabbit Heart" - Florence and the Machine…;"Disarm" -  Smashing Pumpkins (This song is so nostalgic xD)…;"Saeglopur" - Sigur Ros (I have no idea what language this is)…;"Zhito Zhala" - Moon Far Away (Russian)…;"Half Life" - Sneaker Pimps…;"Moments" - Future World Music (I even made a vid with this song xD)…;"Anger" - Miku Hatsune x3 (Japanese)…;"Illuminated Red" - The Accidental
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Cuz I'm bored and I wanted to change my last journal.;P

I'm addicted to amvs and I wanted to share some really good ones.=D You can assume that the editing in all these are awesome:meow:… Very beautiful and sad.… Truly amazing Kuro vid. One of the greatest mmvs I've ever seen. Centers on Ciel and the actual story, no shipping.… An Alois Trancy vid. I don't really like him, but the song and editing are amazing in this vid.… Hot Yaoi with an addicting song:drool:… Funny Alois vs Ciel vid… Cracky Elliot vid:XD:… Very very sad Elliot vid.… Fun Kuro vid.… So awesome. This is what inspired me to start coloring PH manga panels.;P… Pretty mep.… Strange Girl Who Leapt Through Time vid.

I have too many to list them all, but I think I'll stop there for now.=D
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Is anyone else having trouble with the new firefox 4? I upgraded from the old version about a month ago, and since I did, Firefox has been driving me insane.

First off, it freezes and crashes ALOT. I think I fixed that problem by clearing my download list though, but I'll have to wait and see.

Second, It will only display 1 page of image results in google or yahoo. I can't see anymore than that. I need those images for referencing so it annoys me. Bing seems to work, but I really prefer google. This doesn't happen in Internet Explorer. I was thinking it had something to do with Java, but I don't know what. I know that a couple months ago, I had that fake java virus on my pc, but I got rid of it.

Third, it is really slow! This is ridiculous! I know it's not my computer cuz it's the only program that runs slower than it should, and I know it's not my internet , cuz Internet Explorer works at normal speed. Right now as I'm trying to type, the cursor will disappear for a couple seconds and I have to wait for the words to appear on screen. It sorta glitches. The same with icons. They stop moving for a couple seconds. And whenever I try to scroll up or down, it takes a few seconds to respond. Everything is just slow and glitchy. This doesn't happen in Internet Explorer. It didn't happen with the old Firefox either. This has only ever happened when I had a virus, but I've scanned my computer several times and it's clean.

Right now, I am using several programs simultaneously, and Firefox is the only one that's slow.

I'm really clueless when it comes to computers, so maybe it's something really simple. I went to the firefox website for help, but I couldn't find anything there...

I'm tempted to go back to using IE, at least it runs smoothly, but I really don't wanna do that...

Can someone please help?
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I just spent the last two hours looking at pics of N on zerochan. I think I must have faved like half the gallery! I totally need to get a life:XD:
It's been a long time since I fangirled this hard over an anime character. A Pokemon character at that. And I haven't even finished the game yet^^;

I think gamefreak created him with female players in mind, cuz the way the ferris wheel scene played out, it seemed like pg fan service to me. When he stepped close to my char. I was actually expecting him to kiss her :O_o:

A lot of people say N is a creepy bastard, so I hope something doesn't happen that makes me lose interest in him...  I kinda get why people say that after the ferris wheel thing... That was a bit creepy...

Anyway, I'm totally gonna draw him. Yeah...:plotting:

At least I will if I can get his stupid hair right...:shakefish:
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I just finished reading this really adorable manga called Lover's Doll. It's shonen ai, of course. Since I'm bad at summaries, here's the one from manga fox:

"When Shin hears about a doll known as the "bloody doll" from his friends, he can't help but be curious. Instantly falling in love with the figurine he decides to buy it, but there are rumors about the doll and how it got its name. It can supposedly move and talk and some former owners even claim it drank their blood. Unfazed, Shin buys the doll anyway to find out that the rumors might not be as ridiculous as they sound..."

The doll isn't really blood thirsty, he's actually one of the cutest things I have ever seen, in a 'imma kick ur ass if u dont luv me' kinda way=D Also, he can turn into a normal sized human being, so the relationship isn't as disturbing as it sounds^^; He's also shy and socially awkward, which makes me squee~ :giggle:

And the ending is so sad! At the end there's a dialog box that starts 'once upon a time' and proceeds to tell the whole story in a fairytale form. But when I read the last two lines, they really got to me. I knew it was coming, not because it's cliche, just that it's the logical conclusion to that relationship. But still, the moment I read those last two lines, I instantly had tears in my eyes! It's just so so sad...

Oh, the manga is only one volume long and it's only shonen ai(light stuff) for the most part. The only hard yaoi(i.e. actual sex) is in the last chapter, which is just an extra, so you don't have to read that if you don't like that kinda stuff.=)

Here's the link to where I read it at mangafox:…
So, if any of my old watchers are reading this, you know that I had left Deviant Art for about a year and a half(or something like that). During that time, I hadn't really drawn much, so I don't think my drawing skills haven't improved that much( except maybe faces, cuz that's all I draw when I doodle). But I recently got a tablet and Sai and Photoshop, so now I can color my art digitally, and I think that makes a world of difference. Even if the lineart is crappy, if you color it well enough it will look awesome(or that's what I think at least:shrug:)

Being back on deviant art is kinda wierd, cuz everything is so different. Like llamas and journal skins and points.:omfg: I also noticed that most of my old DA friends had left me, which made me a bit sad, but it's understandable seeing as I was gone for so long. :sarcasticclap:

So all in all it feels like a fresh start.:yawnstretch:
I've cleaned my gallery up and deleted my more hideous works. I'll start to make new friends and improve my skills until the point where I can sell prints(my goal is to make posters, but idk how big the prints can get) I'm also joining groups now. :meow:

It feels refreshing.=)

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I'm cleaning out my gallery, some of my old drawings are embarrassing.^^;
If you faved one of them and it gets deleted, I'm sorry :cling:
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I just got a tablet, so I think I'll start to upload drawings again. They'll definitely be better than my old drawings...

Also, I'm coloring PH manga scans for an amv, so I might upload those sometime in the future. Keep an eye out for them.

It feels weird to be on DA again. Everything is different...
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It's Me!O.o

Wed Jun 9, 2010, 12:37 AM

I haven't been on in MONTHS. Yeah. So hi! To commemorate my visit to devart, I decided to make a new journal entry, something that hasn't happened since september i think...O.o heh heh... i feel guilty...
I wonder how many ppl still remember who i am...=P

I'm making a video game now. Its a pkmn one=3 i probably won't get far with it...It's sooo complicated...T-T

I just finished playing mystery dungeon explorers of darkness. The ending is so sad! I luv that game^-^

k bye^^

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  • Watching: samurai shamploo
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