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Sesshoumaru licking his wounds. In the manga, Sesshoumaru acts more demonic, I remember there's a scene of him licking blood off his fingers(which I think is really hot for some reason...)

I'm really sick of looking at this. I spent about two weeks working on this bit by bit, and it's driving me crazy now. Also, the shading sucks.

And I totally forgot to draw the flower things on his sleeve...
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Thank goodness I'm not the only person that find that hott in the manga. Too bad they took it out. XD
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Yeah, stupid animators, depriving us of our fan service :shakefist:
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Wow,awesome sesshoumaru :D
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I also find the scene where he licks blood off his hand super hot. this is beautiful work..... i never do backrounds for my drawings cause by the time i finish drawing the character, I'm super frustrated.... sepcially since the two biggest problems I have are hands and eyes....
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Thanks! And I also have that problem. You just gotta suck it up and keep on going =P
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Ironically, we were talking about Sesshoumaru yesterday.
I just found out that the fluffy thing on his shoulder is a tail. XD'
We were also talking about James. I mentioned you. <3

Epic blood is epic.
I love his expression. It's calm and challenging and uncaring at the same time.
The faded background makes him stand out more, and it gives a really great effect.
The shading is awesome, what are you saying??

It's wonderful.
I love it. <3
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Thank you!<3 I got lazy and used an easier method of coloring, using the pen tool instead of the watercolor tool. It would have looked alot better, trust me...^^;

And actually it's not a tail, it's his fur that wraps around his chest and back when he's in doggie form. Takahashi said so. He must keep it there as some kinda status symbol. Youkai are so weird...
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oooh what more can u tell me about sessh from takahashi?? 
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