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Mythical Monsters: The Bakunawa (Philippines) by Silvercresent11 Mythical Monsters: The Bakunawa (Philippines) by Silvercresent11
(The moon is too small, yes. My bad).

The first of my "unusual mythological monsters" series! I plan to do about 10 from different countries
although there may be more than one from the same country.

A bit about the myth:

The "Bakunawa" is a dragon from Filipino folklore, usually depicted as a winged sea-serpent of sorts. In ancient times, it was believed that the supreme entity known as "Bathala", created seven moons. Bakunawa would swallow the moons whole and was believed to be the cause of eclipses. In order to scare Bakunawa into spitting the moons back into the sky, villagers would make loud noises with cooking utensils. They would also attempt to make it fall into a deep sleep by playing soothing melodies on musical instruments. Men thought they could slay the Bakunawa during this time but had to be careful if it woke, as it also devoured men.

Thanks, Wikipedia.

There is another version of the story in which Bakunawa falls in love with a human girl. I don't wanna know how he planned on doing it with her.

Oh my god I have an exam tomorrow THIS WAS MY TREAT FOR STUDYING LIKE A GOOD GIRL.


ŠArtwork - Silvercresent11
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