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Gimp tutorial for scanned drawings

By SilverChaim
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- This is a tutorial for how to edit scanned drawings in Gimp. I know many people have problems with their scanner (Yes, I have seen some art that would look a lot better if the artist edited them a litte bit). Gimp is free to download :)
- I'm not an expert with Gimp. These are just some things I have learned by trying or by reading tutorials.

- Sorry if my english isn't perfect! ^^; And this is my first tutorial. I hope it looks okay :)

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Hello! Is Gimp is free to download?
This would really help with my crappy scanner x-x
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Yeah, it's free :)
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Is this a specific version or doesn't it matter? =p
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I don't think it matters. This is older version but I don't think they changed anything...
You should also try adjusting color levels (colors -> levels). I use it now instead of these :)
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Thank you very much for your helpful advice! ^-^
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Wow, thank you so much for this tutorial! <3 <3
It has been really useful for me althought I
used it with a photo and not with an scanned pic.
I put here the improvement if you want to see it:
before using your tutorial:
and after:
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I'm glad if it was useful! The drawing looks much more bright now and you can see it better :)
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i think its a lot easier to create two copies of the original layer, both 30% one overlay, the other screen.
eventually using the levels (white point or moving the slider where the tone scale begins) :D
But…cute tutorial.
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Oh, I have to try that! :) I use mostly curves in these days.
Thanks! Old tutorial... ^^; I should make a new one some day.
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this is great i just got gimp!!! now only if i can convince my dad to fix and let me use the printer...
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I'm happy if it's useful! :D
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this tutorial would come in handy
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I'm glad if it's useful :D
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This is amazing!!! You did great for a first tutorial!!! :D
My first tutorial...well...was literally called, "How to Fail"...weeks worth of manga with kool aid spilled on it, lots of crying...
So...not bad compared to some hon, not bad at all! :3
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Thank you! I have to check it out :D
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You can crop the image also by selecting it and going Image > Crop to selection (or something like that, I don't use GIMP in English).

Anyway, thanks, I have to check if curves will help with sketches, I've never really tried them TBH.
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I see, thanks! I have to try crop selection too ^^ I don't know most of the things in Gimp ^^;
I'm happy if this was useful :)
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Well, I've been using GIMP for over 2 years, so I know this and that :D But I still haven't explored everything
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I have been using it 2 or 3 years too ^^;
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But from what you said you use it mostly for drawings and I try all different kinds of art :meow: And I'm not too good in any I guess xD
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Yes, I mostly use it to edit my drawings :)
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Pitääpä pitää mielessä! :D (Olen tyhmä mut en tiedä miten saan vaihdettua kielen englanniksi, vihaan suomenkielistä gimppiä. Latasin sen kyllä enkuksi... :< )
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Jaa, enpä tiedä.. Pitäisköhän se ladata sitten uudestaan? Varmaan netistä löytyy ohjeita kielen vaihtamiseen :)
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