Arrived in San Diego!!!!!!!^^

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Man, I am so stressed :D Driving from Vegas, then the car broke down, but finally we have a new one :D Oh my... What a day :D It's just 9:15 but I am so tired that I am going to bed now... But anyway... IT'S BEAUTIFUL HERE!!!! YAAY!!!!^^ An now, good night to everyone and good morning to germany :D
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You made it! And I'm flat broke! :tears:
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Yeah, we finally made it :D Man, that was a ride... :D:D
Oh nooo... :( What happend?!?! :( That's not good :( (If you wrote it in your journal (as you always do :D) sorry for not reading it, but as you can see, I was a bit busy :D:D
By the way: I LOOOOVVEEEE SAN DIEGO!!! Beautiful!!!^^
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It's just still no workers comp checks, so I'm flat broke at the moment. :( My fingers are crossed I'll get something by next week or hopefully by next Friday. I wish you were going to Disneyland on the 28th; that's when we're thinking of going because something extremely special is happening then!
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Oh my... I hope everything will be better soon for you :)
Oh nooooo :( I will be in San Francisco on the 28th ... :( Sooo sad :(
But I was yesterday in Disneyland with my friends... Actually I wanted to tell you, but I had no internet :( So sad -.-
Anyway, I loved it, but my friends did not like it. Well, one did not really, but she is actually never happy and always complains about everything :D:D:D Well anway... I GOT MY BASIL PICTURE!!!!!!!! :D:D:D I finally decided for it and I am really happy I did so^^ It's beautiful and a woman called Brianna or so drew it^^ Very beautiful^^
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I really wish I could have met you. :( Today was not a good day at all. My grandmother was hospitalized (I explain more in my recent journal), so I couldn't have gone anywhere with my car. I'm glad you got your Basil picture done by Bri. I know her well; my sister and I have met and hung out with her a few times either at Disneyland or at the San Diego Comic Con. She goes by `bri-chan here. She is a very sweet girl and an excellent artist. I'd love to see your Basil picture if you don't mind showing it. :)
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Yeah, would have been great to see you .... :( Maybe next time!^^ I am sure this was not my last visit in california :D:D
Yeah, she was really nice :) I let her decide how to color it and she did a wonderful job!^^ Sure, I will upload it as soon as I can... That means next week, when I am in germany, otherwise I don't have enough time :D
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I know, hopefully when I'm not sick and my grandmother isn't hospitalized. It's been so horrible. :( When you can show your Basil picture would be great. I've been dying to see how Bri would draw him, seriously.
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Oh my :( I feel so bad for you :(
It's really nice^^ Not colorful but I like it that way^^ I really could not decide for anything, I was much to exhilarated^^
I am so sad, we could not met :( (Especially because I had to go to california adventure on my own... My friends only wanted one park -.-)
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