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WitD 01: Morning Tea

GMD - Whispers in the Dark

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Dapper gent

Basil of Baker Street

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W.T. Chapter 1

GMD - A Winter's Tale

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TGMD: Case of the Outwitted Detective, Chapter III

THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE: THE CASE OF THE OUTWITTED DETECTIVEChapter III:  "Transposition"REVISED EDITION Dramatised by Diane N. Tran The both of us were startled at the presence of someone else in the room. "Your door was open," said the cloaked figure, matter-of-factly, "so I did not see the need to knock, nor to stand out in the rain." Shedding off the hood of her cape from her head and brushing the damp wisp of hair away from her eyes, there she stood — tall, graceful, and queenly. She had entered so gently that we may never had heard her if it were not for the music of her voice. We were motionless, as if time had stood still f

GMD - The Case of the Outwitted Detective

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Eternal Usagi

Sailor Moon

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GMD - Mysterious Toymaker

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GMD - The Rogues Madame Mussaud's

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Disney University - Philip


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Drawing for a fan!

Beautiful Art

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GMD Text

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A missing peace Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: "Merry Christmas to you little one!" someone yelled on the busy streets of London.  It was now December 21, 1905. Basil was casually walking down the streets with his little cousin, Tammy, who had insisted on going on a walk with Basil. "Merry Christmas to you too!" Tammy cried to the stranger in return. Basil looked down at his seven year old cousin; who was happily skipping right along next to him while still trying to avoid all the last minute shoppers. Basil smiled warmly at Tammy; she always was such a cheerful young mouse. She was always filled with the Christmas spirit.  She always brings a smile a mouse's face. Yes, Tamm

GMD - A missing peace

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I Never Forgot - A GMD Fic

I Never Forgot “Goodbye, Basil… I’ll… I’ll never forget you.” Were the words sadly said by the little Olivia Flaversham as she clutched Basil’s coat in sorrow as they parted. “Nor I you, Miss… Miss Flangerhanger.” Replied Basil; typically forgetting Olivia’s name once again. Olivia shook her adorable little head at the mistake before leaving to catch up with her father, Hiram. As she left, she peered behind the banister and whispered happily, in what seemed like her own secret way, “Goodbye.” 15 years had passed since Basil’s most important and triumphant case involving

GMD - I never forgot

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