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Pocahontas and John Smith

Most important thing: John SMITH!!! The sequel never happened! :D :D 


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This is so beautiful!!! I made this picture of Pocahontas too, if you want, I could send you a link of it. Let me know, I'd really love your feedback~ Thanks! ^v^
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Aw, thanks a lot! :-) Yeah, sure, just sent it :-) 
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Thanks a ton! It means a lot!~ <333 :DD
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Of course it did not happen! John Smith is the only John! I do not care for historical accuracy. It is Disney, not a History Channel!
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AMEN! :D No other John, especially after this perfect ending in the first movie, when he sails away... One of the most beautiful endings in Disney history Blush 
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Absolutely! It gets me teary-eyed every single time. And after some time, as I like to imagine, he comes back, to live with Pocahontas. Maybe he even takes her on a ship voyage once or twice... That is my headcanon, and nothing will shake it, nor break it!
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Oh yeah! Sounds good! :D
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I love it and your drawing is beautiful, I just have one thing to say tho...

...the sequel did happen in real life though.  In real life Pocahontas never had an affair with John Smith, was captured by the English, and there, met and married John Rolfe.  She was baptized and took on the Christian name Rebecca Rolfe, and they had one son, Thomas Rolfe.  She died in Rolfe's arms at the age of 22, possibly of smallpox, TB, and/or many other diseases.…  Check it out.

Personally I love both Disney movies and if I were Pocahontas I wouldn't know which man to choose haha XD
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Thank you! :)

Yes, of course I know her history... But I meant the movie here because I really do not like the sequel (But then again there is almost no Disney sequel I like... :D) :D They made such a perfect ending for the first movie... This whole choosing between those two after the first movie was extremly lame :( That is what I meant when I wrote "The sequel never happened" :D :D I don't mind she chose John Rolfe I just mind the fact how it was done... :D That is why I rather draw her and Smith :)
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Agree! The sequel never happened! :D

Beautiful artwork! :love:
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Amen to that! :D 
Thank you^^
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You're very welcome! :D
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I love how you drew Pocahontas' hair. :)
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I hope you can make one with John Rolfe
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MAYBE someday... I am not a fan of this sequel... We will see :)
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Love the style! Congratulations!
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I am glad you do! Thanks a lot! :)
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