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Happy New Year!

"Young lady... Aren't you a bit young for this?"

Finally... Actually this pic was supposed to be online on the 1. .... But as my family was visiting and all decided to use my connection... Well nothing worked anymore :D 
Anyway, finally here it is! Maybe a bit late but : Happy new year to everyone!! :)

And yes, I drew a backround :D Was about time after all those sketches :D And yeah, there is a little Basil plush on his armchair... I guess Olivia got it from Dr. Dawson... I am quite certain that our dear Basil was not very thrilled ... :D


Basil and little Miss Flaversham belong to the Walt Disney Company
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Danielle (my OC who is Basil's wife): Basil Sherringford Rathbone, you did NOT let that child gather those fireworks!
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I love their faces!!
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Thanks a lot, I am glad you do! :) 
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:D You're welcome!!
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Hope you had a good one.  Did not know the victorians enjoyed fireworks. 

I really enjoy what you did with Basil's outfit. 
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And you, too. Thanks :) Fireworks were used in Italy at the end of the 14th century, before they spread around Europe (of course China had fireworks first, somewhere around the Song Dynasty... But most of them were rather loud then colourful).
Aw, thank you. Well, he needed some new clothes :)
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Basil looks dashing and Olivia looks so adorable. :)
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Hehehe, Olivia ist somehow always adorable :D Thank you!! :)
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I believe people remember this!  I am so happy!!!!!
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What will they remember?
Thanks. :)
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I mean I can't believe people remember this movie I loved it when i was a kid!
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Aaaah :D OK :D Yeah, it is amazing! One of my favourite Disney movies!^^
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yeah!!!!! EEEEEEHHHHH!!!
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Oh gosh, Olivia's gone pyro
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Daawwww, that's so adorable!! And dang, Basil looks SHARP in that! :love: Well done!
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Hahahah, a white scarf... vest... bow.... Yeah, that makes man sharp! :D 
Thank you!! :happybounce:
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Indeedy! :drool:  :love:

You're very welcome! ^^
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Awww, so cuuuuuuuute!!!! I love it!
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You're welcome. ^^
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Sieht so toll aus! Mehr mehr :D
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Aw, danke, danke, danke!! Tight Hug 
Ja irgendwie habe ich tausende Ideen, skizziere die dann... Na ja und wenn ich die dann endlich machen will, kommt wir was dazwischen :D Muss mal ein bisschen mehr bei mir organisieren, dann lade ich wieder mehr hoch...^^ Muss ja noch Basil mit einer älteren Oliv malen... :D :D 
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Hast ja schon öfter Basil mit older Flangerhanger gezeichnet.. aber ist schon so lange her ;_;
Würde so gern mal was neues sehen..aber natürlich nur, wenn du Zeit und Lust hast. Deine anderen Bilder sind auch toll, narf. *-*
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Oh, this is so gorgeous!
I love how vivid and bright the colours are!
And the shades are epicly drawn too *_*
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