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Elsa and Hans

I REALLY wanted to draw Hans :D Everyone will hate me for that but he is the coolest character in the whole movie! :D Yeah, he is the royal a** that is trying to kill of the whole family... But come on.... He has 12 older brothers... It is not easy for him..... :D :D :D 

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Now who has a frozen heart?

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beautiful dress of Elsa's 
nice work
haha I like Hans too even tho he is evil af XD 
I'll go a step further and go Demolition Man! Namely, destroy... No, SHATTER the body!
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I think it's perfect, this goes out to all big sisters looking out for their little sisters. Elsa would totally do this to protect Anna, she already said you can't marry someone you just met. In this case she was right :) (Smile)
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Nice one. Seems Elsa made Hans really cooler ;)
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Most definitely ;) 
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Just because he has 12 brothers, that doesn't make his actions right or justifiable.
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The answer to a lot of things.😆
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Alternative ending to Frozen here. Lol
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Oh, yeah. Hans is now an ice statue. All Elsa has to do is walk away, and Hans will be dead if he isn't already.
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:iconheavyplz: "You are dead, not big surprise!"
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He should have ended like this. Rentarou Nodding Icon 
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I am a Helsa shipper (although some changes and lots of good redemption arc would have to be pulled off for this pairing to even work) so this is a super cool twist on that matter.
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When Kristoff came into the game I really thought "OK, this is not working, maybe Elsa and Hans?" but then he became really evil :D It would have been cool to see those two together but seeing him trying to murder them... Nah, this picture actually was more fitting :D :D 
Thanks! :)
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There is actually a really good fanfiction, which explains Hans' evil deeds in the first film perfectly, both finely and tying it further to the source material of "The Snow Queen". It is written wonderfully, and it is my absolute headcanon! I do not care for Frozen 2, unless they would basically film this fanfiction, haha!
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The movie explained it pretty well, too. Seeing that he has so many brothers and was always ignored and the "little brother", not worth anything... 
Sounds interesting, this fanfic.
Most sequels Disney does are rather for money... Just like "Frozen Fever", HORRIBLE! Well, we'll see what will happen to Frozen :D
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Oh, this doesn't explain his willingness to commit murder... if it would be the only reason for him to be a dick, then he'd be practically irredeemable for me. This fanfic however shows us more of his brothers, deals with more complexity and throws an actual Shattered Mirror from "The Snow Queen" original fairytale to the mix. It was this fanfic that made me a true Helsa shipper actually! Here is the link, if you're interested:…
And don't even get me started on the "Frozen Fever". Seriously it had two new pretty dresses and that's about it. It looks like it was made solely for the purpose of making even more money. It was short and completely unnessecary. I was suspecting that much, but I've had higher hopes still...
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I guess it depends on how one interprets his relationship with his brothers and his urge to prove himself... Several other influences and voilá - A psychopath is born... It can be interpreted in maaany ways.
Oh cool, I will read it. Lets see what others think :)
Even I had higher hopes on "Frozen Fever"... Not high ones, but at least not something like that... It did not even make any sense :D And the song was soooooooo bad, I can't even explain :D I mean I am not even a fan of the music in the movie, one does not hear the snow in the songs and there were too many of them... Some are even utterly unnecessary ones that do not even support the movie but OK, it was not that bad... They were cool to listen to otherwise but not inside the movie... Just a bit disappointing... But I guess it is also a question of taste. But the stupid song about getting sick and whatsoever... I was reminded of those utterly brainless Barbie movies :D
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Yeah, Frozen Fever was pretty bad. The song was... meh. I really like the music in Frozen, especially in the context of the movie, because on a daily basis I listen to classical/opera/classical crossover rather than this 'light musical' type of stuff, but yeah, it's the matter of opinion and I respect yours. But the song in Frozen Fever was pointless and there was nothing more to this short worth checking out. After it my hope that Frozen 2 won't be like all the other Disney sequels are exceptionally low.
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Oh cool! I love classical/opera music, too!^^
Exactly, that is really a matter of opinion... But Frozen Fever... My sister was sitting next to me and after the short she just turned to me "What the f*** was that?!" :D
Well, I am crossing my fingers on F2 being good! :D 
Oh, I just started the fanfic... It is pretty well written! I am just at the beginning but I think the way it is done, I will like it :)
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