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Cinderella and Prince

And nooo, her dress is NOT blue!!!!!! :D You will never see a drawing where I make it blue! This dress is supposed to be silver... And it stays this way! :D :D (At least, when talking about the "old" movie... The  2015 movie is a different thing^^) 

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Beautiful and adorable work

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THANK YOU! IT'S NOT BLUE! First time ever I see someone actually drawing it silver coloured! And the picture is gorgeous and I love the way you coloured it! :) 

When I was younger I was always so annoyed they made cinderella's dress blue because I didn't like Arurora's being pink so people could tell them apart, ugh.

I'm super happy seeing a fellow ''old'' movie fan! :D  
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Hihihi, thanks for thinking the same! XD
Yeah, it look sooooo gorgeous in silver and then they made it blue... Totally nonsense. It is not hard to keep them apart and the dress looses EVERYTHING in blue... It simply looks cheap :(
I will always draw it silver^^ XD
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It really does look cheap that way, there isn't anything *magical* about it left when they turn it blue. 

As it should be! xD <3
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Beautiful here and I like both Cinderella's silver dress in the original and the blue dress in the live action film.
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Thanks. Yes, both dresses are amazing!! I just don't like it, when they change her silver dress into blue... It's horrible :D
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Yes! Her dress is WHITE, not blue
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Definitely, we have the same tastes ! I am a dummy!  Blue dress for Aurora and Silver dress for Cinderella... and the old designs ! I thought I was getting old but no, and I'm not alone La la la la 
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Yeah, some things really should not be changed... :)
I am quite certain that most people love the "old" designs... I mean... They REALLY are ugly now and don't make a good impression on anyone :D 
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You are very right,her original dress was technically white/silver,but because (in my personal theory) it looked too much like a wedding dress,they changed it to blue.It's beautiful either way <3
SilverCatseyes's avatar
It lost this effect it had in silver... It was breathtaking and looked perfect to the shoes, because it looked like liquid snow... Well, anyway, we can't change it :D 
Thank you! :)
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you're very welcome ^^
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Great art Btw.
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Thank you!! :)
Oh yeah, about time... I REALLY do not think the design looks good in blue, so not gonna happen here :D :D Only talking of the 1950 animation... The new movie of course is something else, there it is beautiful^^
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Beautiful!!!!Heart - Free it
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I don't like too much their faces, but generally your works are awesome :D 
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Yes, the faces are quite simple, not for everyone's taste, but I think they fit into the "style" ... I am stil working on different things^^ 
Thank you so much!! :happybounce:
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Simply enchanting! And I'm glad that you kept the dress silver- it bugs me when they say it's blue. 
SilverCatseyes's avatar
Hahaha, yeah, it bugs me, too :D It looks sooooo much better in silver....
Thank you! :)
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I was thinking that the color of the dress is a silvery blue (I mean a kind of very light blue with a silver aspect). Ammmm, sorry if I disturbed you a bit with this thing.
I have seen one of the comments here. What does bridal mean? English isn't my native language, even that I know words from this language I still don't know all of them.

But for the picture, this looks very beautiful and shiny. I don't know, but in this style the prince looks a bit with a female look in his face..... :oops: :blush: remake Eh, sorry, that's what I saw in a small scale. :)
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