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Aurora and Phillip

How much I adore this couple!!^^ 
I actually like her more in blue but.... Nah, somehow pink was better for the picture :) Enjoy!

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So sweet! All of your Disney couples pieces are adorable!
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Aw, thanks a lot!!! Blush 
Do you plan on doing this in the blue dress?
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Maybe, I am not sure yet :)
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Aww, I love this! Aurora and Phillip are, in my opinion, the best couple put of the 3 original disney princess movies. LOVE this work!
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Thank you! Yes, I love those two, too! :)
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One of my favorite couples:) (Smile) 
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YAAAAAY!! My favourite!!!!!^^
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As well as other couples:) (Smile) 
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I love them, too.:D

Don't see many Aurora/Phillip pics.:)
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No, most of the time it's just her :( I only finished those two pics here, but I really need to draw more of them :D 
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Normally the sight of Aurora in the pink dress makes me gnash my teeth in annoyance, but this is a pretty nice shade of pink.

Also I loooooove how you drew her hair. I kind of want to pet it. Is that weird?
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Maybe her hair is utterly fluffy :D

I hate the shade of pink they gave her... In the original movie it's rather fuchsia... That is pretty cool, but they changed it to this stupid pink... But yeah, as said, blue does not look good in this pic and as I like this shade of pink and it fits perfectly with Philip I had to use it :D
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I love this art! Can I feature it on my Tumblr I will credit you and there will be a link to this page.
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But of course :)
Thanks a lot!! :)
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Is it just me or is she taller?
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She was 16 in the movie... Maybe she has grown since then :D Acutally, I just wanted to draw them in that kind of... well... "style", so I didn't check, only started to draw :)
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