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Top 5 Yaoi_Het_Yuri Shippings

In light of Valentine’s Day, I decided to dedicate this to my Top 5 het, yaoi, and yuri shippings.


1) Saeko Busujima / Takashi Komuro (Highschool of the DEAD) – My #1 shipping in all of anime. What can I say, these two are my ultimate OTP. Sorry to the Takashi/Rei shippers, but these two belong together. They fit together so perfectly that it’s ridiculous, and they have so much chemistry. Not to mention they’re hot as hell together. I doubt any couple will ever surpass them for me. Whenever they’re together on screen, there’s so much heat it’s ridiculous, especially when they were on the island together. And even though we never got to see them become a couple, before he died, the series writer revealed that he intended them to get together in the end. So, yay, they’re official and canon!

2) Mikasa Ackerman / Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan) – How can I not ship Mikasa and Eren together? Eren, how can you be so blind to not realize Mikasa’s feelings for you? And Mikasa, wake up, your feelings aren’t like those of family. I want these two to get together so much. I already shipped them pretty hard, and the ending of Season 2 when Mikasa almost kissed him when she thought they were going to die, not to mention Eren’s response to what she believed would be her last words to him, really skyrocketed them up in my shipping ranking. The series writer even stated that the red scarf Mikasa’s always wears that Eren gave her is supposed to represent the Red Thread of Fate, which connects two soul mates/destined lovers.

3) Kari Kamiya / Takeru Takashi (Digimon) – One of the most popular, if not thee most popular shipping in all of anime, and there’s a very good reason for this. How could I not have them up here? It’s more than obvious that these two are meant to be together. And don’t give me any B.S. about how they didn’t get together simply because it didn’t say so in the epilogue. Just because it wasn’t outright stated doesn’t mean it didn’t happen (it didn’t state that Matt and Sora ended up together either, but it’s obvious that they did). Hints and implications have been dropped all throughout Season 1, Season 2, and Tri, and Sora even implied that they kissed under the mistletoe during the Christmas episodes. And lets not forget the music CD where the two songs they sing to each other are basically love confessions. Even though not everyone ships them together, there’s no denying how meant for each other they are.

4) Ishizu Ishtar / Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh) – I couldn’t tell you why I ship these two so much, but I do. Ishizu seems to be the only person who can not only stand by Kaiba’s side as his true equal, but she also seems to be the only one who can put up with his sh*t. And then the chemistry, oh boy, the chemistry. I truly can’t see anyone else for Kaiba besides Ishizu, and I like to think that with Kaiba seemingly taking over the Duel Monsters company, he and Ishizu (with her knowledge on the history of Duel Monsters) would start to work together, eventually leading to them getting together. They really are a perfect match, and they look so good together.

5) Usagi Tsukini / Seiya Kou (Sailor Moon) – Obviously since this is couple is under the het pairing, I’m going with the anime version that has Seiya as a boy who transforms into a girl when he becomes Sailor Star Fighters as opposed to the manga version that simply has him being a girl disguised as a boy. I think the gender-fluidity of his characters adds a whole new interesting aspect to the relationship between the two. Now, I have nothing against Mamaru, but I like Seiya with Usagi so much more; it’s a much more interesting relationship. I know a lot of people don’t like him because he was making a move on her even though she had a boyfriend, but from his point of view, he thought that Mamaru had dumped her without telling her when he went away to college and never contacted her. And despite Usagi’s love for Mamaru and their destiny to be together, she did indeed develop feelings for Seiya, and may have even gotten together with him had the truth about Mamaru’s disappearance not been brought to light. What more, Seiya fell for Usagi herself, not Sailor Moon or Princess Serenity, and Usagi developed feelings for him as well, not simply inherited the feelings of her past life like she did with Mamaru, making both their feelings seem more “real” to me and more loving for who the person truly is.


1) Shiori Takatsuki / Juri Arisugawa (Revolutionary Girl Utena) – My favorite yuri couple of all time. I just love the complexity of their relationship, particularly the love/hate part of it. It really makes things interesting. The angst, the drama, the tragedy, it all draws you in, and you can’t help but to route for their love to succeed, despite all the problems it faces and the amount of times they hurt each other. After all, it was revealed that Shiori was in love with Juri as well, and was even confirmed by the series creator. The only thing that seemed to be getting in the way of their love was Shiori’s inferiority complex to Juri, but she seemed to get over it by the end of the series and the two of them made up. I like to believe that they did get together eventually after resolving their issues.

2) Kirie Kojima / Kosame (Girls Bravo!) – I’m not sure why, but I love these two as a couple so much. Which is surprising since we saw such little of it. Despite Kirie only showing interest in boys, and being uncomfortable about Kosame’s attempts at seducing her, I still ship them really hard. Kirie has shown that she at least cares about Kosame, and she doesn’t seem to hate her seduction attempts as much as she does Fukuyama and Hijiri’s, even if those attempts are a little *cough* forceful. I like to think Kirie eventually got used to the seduction attempts and gave Kosame a chance (not that she would have much of a choice with how possessive and protective Kosame is of her), eventually leading them to becoming a couple.

3) Michiru Kaioh / Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Moon) – The queens of yuri. How could I not have them in my top 5? These two basically set the bar for all other yuri couples, and still hold the crowns. All you have to do is see them together, and there’s no doubt that they’re meant for each other. Even the English dub’s attempt to make them cousins and cut out all romance from their relationship couldn’t hide their love. These two are an undeniable OTP no matter who you ship them with.

4) Himeko Kurusugawa / Chikane Himemiya (Kannazuki no Miko) – Truth be told, I’m a little conflicted with this couple since Chikane raped Himeko. The only way I can look beyond that is that she loved Himeko so much that she did the worst thing possible in order to make Himeko hate her so she will kill her in order to save the world. But not even that was enough to erase Himeko’s feelings for her. I just can’t help but to ship them so hard despite the issues they’ve faced.

5) Nagisa Aoi / Shizuma Hanazono (Strawberry Panic!) – These two are so sweet together that they’ll practically give you cavities. Right from the moment they met, it was love at first sight. Even with how little they interacted for a good portion of the series, you see their love grow. And the way Nagisa was able to open Shizuma’s heart and allow her to love again was beautiful. It couldn’t have been easy for Shizuma to let herself love again, but in the end, her love triumphed over her despair, and she even confessed it in front of the whole school.


1) Hibari Oozora / Kousaku Sakamoto (Stop!! Hibari-kun!) – I feel a little conflicted over this one. Since Hibari is transgender (born male, identifies as female), do they technically count as a yaoi couple? In the end, I decided to list them as such since that’s what the shipping genre they’re in is classified as. This is my favorite yaoi shipping. It’s not just sweet, but also hilarious, and has a great evolution and development. What more can you ask for besides incredibly cute and hilariously funny? Kousaku is only into girls, yet he falls for Hibari at first sight, thinking he’s a girl (sorry if my pronouns offend anyone, I mean no offense), and is horrified to find out he’s biologically male. Hibari, also falling for Kousaku at first sight, does not let this stop him, and proceeds to seduce him throughout the course of the series, quite successfully too. There is just so much to love about these two as a couple.

2) Yuuri Katsuki / Victor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! on Ice)
 – Come on, it’s freakin’ Yuuri and Victor! Do I even need to say anything else? These two are pretty much the new face of yaoi, and many would even say that they stole the crown from the previous kings (see #3 below). Right off the bat you can tell that they’re meant to be together, and their relationship is great. Heck, a friend of mine even joked at how the series should have been called “Yaoi!!! on Ice” instead (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). You’d have quite a hard time finding anyone who would say anyone else deserves the title of yaoi kings than these two, and for very good reason.

3) Touya Kinomoto / Yukito Tsukishiro (Cardcaptor Sakura) – These two are pretty much the male equivalent of Michiru and Haruka. Their love and pairing is present in all CLAMP media that has different versions of their characters. You could even say that they’re the yaoi kings (or were). Their love for each other even goes beyond what Clow Reed himself predicted since he thought that Yue (Yukito’s alter ego) would fall for Sakura, and Touya’s love for Yujito went beyond that of his love for Kaho Mizuki. These two are usually considered the ultimate yaoi OTP, and it’s easy to see why.

4) Jakotsu / Bankotsu (Inuyasha) – I ship these two so hard it’s ridiculous. I really wish we could have seen more of them together in the series, but even what we did see was great. Just the way they interacted with each other shows you how much they belonged together. Despite being sociopaths, they clearly care for each other more than anyone else, even though they were never actually confirmed as a couple. They’re so good together that even if they’re not actually a couple, you really want them to be.

5) Izumi Sena / Ryouma Ichijou (Love Stage!) – The relationship between these two is adorable, and has great development. It’s also very interesting since Ryouma fell for Izumi when they were kids, and remains in love with him for years, all the while thinking he’s a girl. When the truth comes out when they meet again years later, it’s not only entertaining, but very interesting to see how Ryouma comes to terms with the fact that he’s in love with a boy while Izumi does the same for Ryouma since he seems to be “in the closet” to everyone, even himself. He eventually comes “out” though, and Ryouma decides his feelings for Izumi are of the “it’s fine as long as it’s you” kind of love. They really are a great pairing.

So, those are my picks. Anyone else have the same choices, or different ones? Feel free to let me know. Happy V-Day.



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