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Splitting the Wind

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Show: Indigo Acre's First Show
Horse's Name: Echo from the Past
Horse's age: 6
Horse's breed: Muroceds 
Rider: Jake Marshall
Rider's age: 16
Stable and Country: Silver Brooke Stables, Wales
Discipline: Show Jumping
Entry Number: #010

 The weather was finally looking up as Jake guided Echo toward the show arena. The morning had been foggy and chilly but now the sun had risen and the temperature was at a pleasant level. Echo pulled at the reins eagerly as Jake walked him in front of the arena entrance. The rider before them completed the course and slowed to a trot heading toward the exit. Jake queued the stallion to trot forward and into the arena. Jake saluted to the judges and picked up a trot and circled in a corner waiting for the starting buzzer. The buzzer sounded and Jake asked for a forward canter. The jumps were big and Echo had only shown once before and won by default. Jake crossed the start line and the timer started. The stallion caught sight of the first jump and the nice canter turned into a panicked gallop. Jake closed his leg and tried to stay calm as the stallion raced toward the first jump. Six strides out Jake pulled the stallion off his forehand so he could have  a better chance of clearing the jump. The stallion kept the crazy speed but was balanced. Echo took the large vertical long and Jake was left behind. He grabbed for mane and managed to pull out a braid. The stallion landed and raced toward the next jump.
    Jake hauled the horse around the course trying his best to stay on. The wind whipped his face and made his cheeks sting. The stallion was jumping all the jumps way bigger than he needed to. Jake just hoped that the horse hadn't knocked a rail and wasn't going to. Near the end of the course was a three stride combination. Jake hauled on the reins trying to get the stallion to slow down but the horse just threw his head and evaded the bit. Jake clenched his teeth as the stallion turned the corner to the combo at an unsafe speed. The horse chipped in the first jump and his hooves brushed the jump pole making a clicking noise but the jump stayed up. Jake had dropped the reins and the stallion raced toward the huge oxer. Jake grabbed at the reins and hung on for dear life. Echo cleared the three strides in two huge gallop strides. The oxer loomed up before them and Echo sprang off the ground sailing over the jump with ease. Jake let out a little whoop of joy as the horse landed the jump without hitting it. There were three jumps left but Jake was less worried about the horse. Echo knew what he was doing even if it did involve some manic galloping. 
I really don't use him enough. Hopefully he does well. I think this is his 2nd show. 

All art and story by me
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