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Adopt a SSB Char.

Rules- You can only adopt one of chars. Listed below; you're not allowed to adopt two or more of them. After you adopt one, whenever you make another entry to your journal you must tell us everything about how your adopted char is feeling, how well he/she's getting along with you and others, and what did he/she do. Be sure not to forget to write about your adopted char three times in a row. I'll be putting you on my watch list, so that I can check your journal. You can treat them as pets, friends, siblings, parents, lovers, or whatever. But if a name is bolded, then that means the character has already been adopted and is no longer available for adoption. If you break the rules, then we'll take away your char away from you and put them back up for adoption. I hope you read all that before adopting one.



Bowser (adopted by WolfPawShadowClaw)


Yoshi (adopted by Rere10)


Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong

Link (adopted by HyrulesxMemory)

Zelda/Shiek (adopted by twilightblossom)


Toon Link (adopted by NessxLucas2)


Kirby (adopted by ashburnthehedgehog)

Meta Knight (adopted by KevoDevo)

King Dedede (adopted by Mavrick12)

Fox McCloud (adopted by Inudragon13)

Falco Lombardi

Wolf O'Donnell

Pikachu (adopted by King-Girm)


Lucario (adopted by MysticalFiregirl)

Pokemon Trainer (comes with Squirtle, Ivysaur, & Charizard) (adopted by BlondeKourt)

Captain Falcon (adopted by Etsuko-Unicorn)


Lucas (adopted by SilverBeastLaguz)

Ice Climbers (Popo & Nana come together, you cannot adopt one separately. How would you like if someone tries to split you away from your beloved one)

Marth (adopted by KiraCullen)

Ike (adopted by ToraMutsagama)

Pit (adopted by SalvationRose)


Solid Snake (adopted by Kloe the hedgehog)

Sonic (adopted by Uxieluv)

Mr. Game & Watch

Melee Chars (Yeah, I'm including them in Adopt a SSBB char.)

Roy (adopted by xXCarriePWNSXx)

Dr. Mario

Pichu (adopted by KennebunkPerry)

Mewtwo (adopted by pkmntrainerville)

Young Link (adopted by TehBruMonsta)
I'm going to adopt Lucas and raise him as my son. Who are you going to adopt?

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (C) Nintendo
© 2009 - 2021 SilverBeastLaguz
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mavrick12's avatar
HE is awesome :3
mavrick12's avatar
I can have king dedede
SilverBeastLaguz's avatar
He's all yours now.
TehBruMonsta's avatar
Could I adopt Teen Link?
SilverBeastLaguz's avatar
Which Link, the normal, the young, or toon?
TehBruMonsta's avatar
Young... I forgot to specify. Sorry
SilverBeastLaguz's avatar
TehBruMonsta's avatar
Thank You so much :D ~
Gummi-Hicks's avatar
*sees a friend adopted one* Squeee! *sees that kirby is already adopted* :nuu:
SilverBeastLaguz's avatar
Sorry, gotta pick another one.
Etsuko-Unicorn's avatar
could i adopt captain falcon please? :3
MysticalFG's avatar
Heehee, I found you here of all places! >3<
SilverBeastLaguz's avatar
Sure! *gives Captain Falcon to you*
WolfPawShadowClaw's avatar
(Um...... are these for points) if not can I adopt bowser?
SilverBeastLaguz's avatar
No, there's not for points.

And yes, you can have Bowser.
WolfPawShadowClaw's avatar
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!thank you so very much!!!!!:)
Inudragon13's avatar
may i adopt Fox McCloud as a pet? :3
SilverBeastLaguz's avatar
ashburnthehedgehog's avatar
may i adopt kirby please?
SilverBeastLaguz's avatar
Here you go, he's all yours. Enjoy!
RogueSlice's avatar
hm.....I'm not sure, i cant decide between luigi, wolf, or samus
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