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Too Many Soras chp. 2


Too Many Soras chp. 2

After having moved the ice sculpture to the cooler for later and spending some time with friends, Mickey drove the Soras home in his gummi ship. The ship landed on the shore of the main island that was the hub of Destiny Islands. The ship's door opened and the king & the clones came out. Merman!Sora was in a glass tub of water on top of a trolley. Cartoon!Sora was pushing it to help his fellow clone get by in places. Mickey said, "Riku and Kairi are going to be in for a big surprise when they see this." The original Sora replied, "I know; their jaws are going to drop at this." Cub!Sora let out a mew, asking if Kairi will think she's cute like Goofy implied back at the Pridelands a while ago. But he went ignored since no one understood a word he said. Halloween!Sora grinned mischievously, "I'm going to scare the pants off of Riku when I see him." Monster!Sora beamed, "Me too!" They were eager to see the scared looked on their normally cool-headed friend's face. The group walked

Too Many Soras chp. 1


Too Many Soras chp. 1

In the magic room of Disney Castle, Donald Duck the royal court magician was going to try out a new spell he invented. Sitting on the floor away from him was his little testing subject, an apple. The duck waved his staff around chanting the magic words as tiny little stars sparked around its head, producing a swirl of magic energy around him. Halfway through, he was suddenly interrupted by an intruder, "Heya Donald!" "Waaak!" cried the startled mage who nearly dropped his staff. His hands fumbled for his weapon before he was finally able to catch and grip the thing. Donald shot the captain a scowl as he yelled, "Don't startle me, Goofy!" Goofy apologized, "Gawrsh, I'm sorry. So uh, whatcha doing?" Donald answered, "I'm testing out a new spell of mine." The captain of the knights asked, "What spell?" "The cloning spell!" exclaimed the mage, sounding a bit excited for what he was going to do. "A cloning spell?" asked Goofy. "I've never heard of a cloning spell." Donald said
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Dragon Rage: The First War prologue


Dragon Rage: The First War prologue

Today once flourishing towns and cities now lay in ruins. What could cause the ultimate downfall of the human race you may ask? A horde of dragons angered by years of abuse, slavery, and murder at the hands of their oppressors. This all happened in a world much like our own; a planet called Veleia. As similar as this world seemed to our own there was one big difference. This difference was that dragons were once kind and wise creatures, but now mean and merciless monsters. (For the most part that is.) The dragons were strong noble creatures; they had the ability to breathe fire and had armor as hard as rocks in the form of scales covering t

Good Things About 2020

Good Things About 2020

Got back into video editing My most important update which is why this is going first. I kept putting off re-watching "The Legend of Korra" to come up with ideas for "Rabiah: Agent of Wolves" and finally got around to doing so. After re-watching I decided to make a video series "How to fix The Legend of Korra" on my youtube channel. I created a new time line for Korra, with only a few major changes. I have one more main video I'm working on for it, I have to wait for my new mic to get here before completing it. "Rabiah: Agent of Wolves" will be worked on again after I'm done with it, not much will change in Rabiah however. I'll be doing Rabiah as a light novel format, publish it as a video series because I actually really enjoy making videos >~< 2021- GET RABIAH DONE!!! Bought "Campfire" writing software Campfire allows you to create all kinds of bios for your characters and world building. Considering I have another big project after Rabiah, it will be very helpful. I might do a

Cuban Exiles


Cuban Exiles

  We are the outcasts of our paradise The place which has been taken overe by a green devil Who has sung sweet nothingness into our ears Our antlas is lost to us We have left and are never going back It is now a mythological place to us We live now in our memories We tell our stories of rivers and picnics Of fields and revolution Crying Becuase we know we will never go back We cry for our long lost cities for our long last time our long last paradise our long life past We hear our songs And hear the church bells We hear our songs And we hear death We hear our songs and we hear our god CUBA!!!!!! We listen to our ant
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