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Heart Full of Stars

By silverbeam

Want Anime Star paper? Buy star paper @

Believe it or not this heart is about a foot big.....
There are 1544 stars! Almost all made by myself...there's a few made by friends and family as I taught them.

317 blue
198 pink
181 green
145 red
133 yellow
128 silver
102 orange
81 purple
70 white
68 brown
65 gold
56 black

Here's my tutorial:…

more pics of my stars:………

Image details
Image size
1296x972px 611.16 KB
Canon PowerShot S2 IS
Shutter Speed
1/2 second
Focal Length
6 mm
Date Taken
Jul 18, 2009, 3:15:43 AM
© 2009 - 2021 silverbeam
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Somebody's got a little time on their hands!
silverbeam's avatar
that was a couple years ago, right now I definitely don't!
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building three new ball jointed dolls, two for conventions, on top of commissions and regular store work... oh and teaching violin lessons..yesh no time for me right now.
pineapplepencil's avatar
How long did this take you?????
silverbeam's avatar
many years, off and on.
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1544??!! Um, srsly, WoW!!!! :+fav:
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Yeah, I have no clue as to how many I have now. I have sold a bunch off, but have made a lot too so one of these days I need to count again. Although I don't think I will split it into colors, that was a bit much. :P
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Oh my goodness that is sooo crazy! The time it took! All those little details. You are amazing! It's lovely to stare at, and I like that I see an occasional giant star hiding in their midst. So cute!
silverbeam's avatar
a few tiny too, but hard to catch.
Glitza's avatar
My goodness! Origami is killer on the hands! How do you make the itty bitty stars without getting a cramp n your fingers?
silverbeam's avatar
well I make sure to only do a couple at a time for the small ones.

I find typing at my computer more damaging to my hands then origami personally.
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A-MAZ-ING!!!!! >X3
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MuddyDump's avatar
HOW DO YOU MAKE THESE?? plz tell meh
silverbeam's avatar
see gallery for tutorial
MuddyDump's avatar
can't find it..
arisV8's avatar
so vivid colors!
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