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September 5, 2011
Feeling lost? Let Compass Brush Pack by =silverbeam guide your way! These beautiful, detailed brushes would be perfect for a map, or for a fantasy manipulation... what direction will they take you in?
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Compass Brush Pack

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Sorry guys since thieves are jerks, these are no longer available. I will leave this up though to see if anyone would like a tutorial on how to make your own. Please comment if you would like a tutorial. If we get 25 people to say yes, I will go and do so. Here's hoping you guys go out and be inspired an be creative!


*EDIT* Brushes were down because of stealing issues, back up with a wary eye. Please make sure only to use for personal reasons. Even if it is a tiny part of the design. No is no. NON-profit only.

*SECOND EDIT* no longer available for download, sorry guys, too much trouble. Go make your own, they were fun to do.

I had so much fun with my first Compass design I thought I would make a pack for you guys with a whole bunch of them.

There are ten brushes, of degree telling glory.
Victorian Labyrinth
Stream Punk
Archaic Fantasy
Modern Punk
Sci-fi Tech

(Two versions of each, one with texture, one without)
A LOT of detail and work went into these babies so please PLEASE send me a note when you use and give me credit for using them. Do not use to make money or anything to do with currency. Personal use only. That's all I ask, so go nuts and be creative with them!

Oh wow! A DD! THANKS! Despite my lingering cold and having to move back in with my parents married and all) I feel much better today. What a booster!
Thanks everyone! Enjoy, and let me see how you use the brushes! Again let me know if you have an ideas for more compasses!

Made with cs4
I have used some brushes in making this, So many, I should have kept track, but when I was making these originally I wasn't thinking of distributing them. If you see your brush please let me know and I will add a link. All the artist who make brushes are awesome!
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Would love to see a tutorial - and my condolences on humanity being disappointing.....again.