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September 5, 2011
Feeling lost? Let Compass Brush Pack by =silverbeam guide your way! These beautiful, detailed brushes would be perfect for a map, or for a fantasy manipulation... what direction will they take you in?
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Compass Brush Pack

Sorry guys since thieves are jerks, these are no longer available. I will leave this up though to see if anyone would like a tutorial on how to make your own. Please comment if you would like a tutorial. If we get 25 people to say yes, I will go and do so. Here's hoping you guys go out and be inspired an be creative!


*EDIT* Brushes were down because of stealing issues, back up with a wary eye. Please make sure only to use for personal reasons. Even if it is a tiny part of the design. No is no. NON-profit only.

*SECOND EDIT* no longer available for download, sorry guys, too much trouble. Go make your own, they were fun to do.

I had so much fun with my first Compass design I thought I would make a pack for you guys with a whole bunch of them.

There are ten brushes, of degree telling glory.
Victorian Labyrinth
Stream Punk
Archaic Fantasy
Modern Punk
Sci-fi Tech

(Two versions of each, one with texture, one without)
A LOT of detail and work went into these babies so please PLEASE send me a note when you use and give me credit for using them. Do not use to make money or anything to do with currency. Personal use only. That's all I ask, so go nuts and be creative with them!

Oh wow! A DD! THANKS! Despite my lingering cold and having to move back in with my parents married and all) I feel much better today. What a booster!
Thanks everyone! Enjoy, and let me see how you use the brushes! Again let me know if you have an ideas for more compasses!

Made with cs4
I have used some brushes in making this, So many, I should have kept track, but when I was making these originally I wasn't thinking of distributing them. If you see your brush please let me know and I will add a link. All the artist who make brushes are awesome!
© 2011 - 2021 silverbeam
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Would love to see a tutorial - and my condolences on humanity being disappointing.....again.

They are beautiful brushes, sorry they were stolen :( I would like to know how to make these if you may be making a tutorial. Thank you!
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well damn sad to see that such beautiful brushes got swiped 
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Hello ^_^
Could I use your brushes to add to maps for a roleplaying forum? It's only for visual effect (they look awesome!), and even if it would be fun to make my own, I honestly suck at non-human and digital, I would really appreciate it =) 
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sorry, but as I am in a dispute with a big company for using them improperly They are not available for use, and I can't take the deviation down until that gets done.
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Oki doki, thank you for the reply =)
Hope all goes well for you and that they respect your ownership rights ^_^
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So this is kindof a long story, I play Grand Theft Auto 5, and there is a big mystery in the game about aliens, mount chiliad, and a jetpack (among other things), there are different clues, glyphs, designs, and hints scattered everywhere in the game.  Well, I follow the mystery on reddit… and well we came across this tshirt in the game, seen here and here and then we dug through the files and extracted the texture and reverse searched it, which led me here…, which then led me to your page.  So now Im not sure that you will be happy that it has been immortalized in a very popular game or not, but I hope so.  Great brushes though, I had downloaded the pack from the site before coming here.
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Can you give me more information about the shirt and my image? Is it on a NPC etc?

While it isn't a big thing, I don't like art theft no matter how small so a bit bummed that it was done on such a big title like this so want to verify where and how it was used.
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It is a random ped, we saw him at the beach area.  Its model within the game files is: \update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday3ng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\patchday3ng.rpf\a_m_y_stwhi_01.ydd, as a random alternate shirt for this ped titled uppr_diff_000_d_whi within the texture file a_m_y_stwhi_01.ytd (in the same directory a the model).  This is how it appears in the texture file: and this is the ped wearing it:

Hope that helps!
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..Dang, not even sure where to go from there....

Guess I will shoot a few emails.
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I understand why you took the brushes down, but this isn't really useful anymore. Maybe upload it in a different section? It's frustrating to have to sift through brushes that meet my needs but have been discontinued.
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thieves will do it ever time all most ask is credit how hard is that
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Oh it isn't available for download. :(
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Really wish i can download this..looks like i am too late...
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Beautiful brushes, thanks! I've used them in 3 drawings - not sure how to put the link to them though :(
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if it's on DA just grab the link or the thumbnail code, there should be ready made links etc to the right of the picture, under Details.
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Thanks for the compasses! Used it for a map that is going to supplement a D campaign I am running here's the link to the picture here on DA:…
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well looks like you changed it or didn't use my brush.... my brushes are not to be used with anything regarding money at all, even for charity etc.
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yep, sorry bout the misplaced comment, I did DL the compasses, and I'll be using the gear one on a different map.... I just happened to DL a few brush packs at the same time and got confused :P
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My mistake, that is not the picture I used your compass for, I am using it on an upcoming map.... sorry for the miscredit, will link you the correct one in the future when It's done
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thank u for the brushXDDD
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