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Marty McFly - Digital Painting - Colour Version

I've had a go at colouring my B&W painting of Marty McFly that I uploaded last week. [link] The original painting has been flying with loads of people faving it and plenty of comments.
This is the first attempt I've had at colouring a B&W image and I'm kind of pleased with it. The bit that is giving me a problem is the transition between hair and skin. Maybe I'm being hard on myself because I've been staring at it for hours. Any tips for how to make this look better would be very much appreciated. Anyway I hope you like it as it is but I will probably update it when I've had a play around.
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Holy cake, you're very good too! For the hair/forehead thing I have some sort of a tip (I don't know with wich title, but maybe you'll find it useful), remember that the transition is never clean, net. There's a very light pattern of short hair that curls and soften the top of the forehead. Also, the hairline is never so defined, hair starts more irregularly. The only problem in yours anyway, is the little line of grey left there, that works as an outline and does the trick. A tip to fix that is to, when you color, extend the shades of pink of the skin to the zone where the hair will be, and only after that start to draw hair so even if you forget to fill a tiny space, the tone of the skin under it will make it less visible. I hope it helped at least a little bit (and that my english wasn't too confusing :P )
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Hi, thanks for the tip. One day I'll get back to that painting and try and fix it.
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You're welcome! :)
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Gorgeous! One emotions. Applause!
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Thanks for the kind comments.
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This is so amazing! Very good style, composition, concept and all. Congratulations!
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Thanks for taking the time to comment. If you like my stuff then feel free to watch me.
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Thanks for the comment.
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Beautifully done~ :heart:
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Thank you very much.
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