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The Royal Guard by Silverback1 The Royal Guard by Silverback1
the government funded and backed British superteam, The Royal Guard - left to right 

The Hood - Amir Rashid, a birmingham born lad who joined the military out of school, advancing through sniper and special forces training before being diagnosed with a hyper situational awareness, allowing him to hit any                          target given the right weapon, a weapon expert who employs a bow with trick arrows, enjoying the theatricality - but also carrying a series of firearms and ammo types as well as throwing blades - recruited from
                 his military unit to serve on the Royal Guard
Bulldog - Mike Arthur is a scrappy manchester lad whos healing factor allow him to take beatings that would kill much stronger men - his enhanced reflexes make him a great hand to hand combatant and his scrappy nature 
              more than earned him his moniker time and again - a bit of a hot head and fierce supported of Man U.
Spitfire - a former nuclear physicist turned walking nuclear reactor after an accident activated a latent superhuman ability - only able to interact with people now by piloting his self-powered armour, he uses his power to fight 
              the good fight for the Guard with their promise to help him find a cure.
Majesty - a former soccer star turned most powerful man in Britain, his personal energy field grants him flight, immense strength and makes him impervious to most attacks, a patriot and national icon, Majesty sets the heroic
               standard for Britain. 
Celtica - a mystical stone woman resurrected from a hidden tomb in the highlands, Celtica is both a woman out of time and a protector of the innocent, trying to come to terms with the modern world, her mortal soul trapped in
             the gem in her chest, and her consciousness in the gem on her forehead, is her heartstone is removed she is immobile, but if her mindstone is removed her powerful body will go berserk
Cry - the newest recruit to the Royal Guard, Cry's sonic scream and augmented physiology have begun to make her invaluable to the team - though her past and origins remain a guarded secret.
Var Val Schard Talonis (Dragonshard) - self proclaimed prince regent of the avalonian northen steppes, a being of immense physical power from the magical realm of Avalon - his more human guise is a sort of shapeshifting
                                                         disguise for his true form, that of a large red dragon - his strength and fire make him invaluable in battle and his more savage nature in combat make him widely feared - he is generally
                                                         a fun guy who enjoys nothing more than a pint and merriment.
Shift - a sentient colony of Nanomachanical lifeforms, serving on the Royal Guard as a refugee state, their colony shape is fluid - as is their political beliefs and social government - they exist in a constant state of shift. 

like Liberty Force, the Royal Guard enjoy celebrity status and are a powerful force often used as a superhuman deterrent as well as acting to protect british values, interests, and lives, all from my Macroverse continuity
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